SkinTight Pictures Launches New Foot Fetish Line, Toe Jam

SkinTight Pictures, known for their chunky vids, released their first entry in a new foot fetish series this week.

Titled Toe Jam, SkinTight founders Cram and Grip Johnson decided to create the series in response to how other companies produce their foot fetish lines.

“We had noticed that everyone doing a foot movie was being really lazy about it,” Grip told “They are all cheating the foot fans. These performers just want to fuck and the producers will call it a foot fetish movie. They will do a little bit of foot fucking but then they will move right on to pussy fucking. It really compromises the dignity of a foot fucking movie so we decided to focus only on the foot fucking….Ten girls, ten minutes, ten scenes of foot fucking with a little blowjob pop at the end.”

“The blowjob pop was our artistic sacrifice. We had to put that in to get the movie made,” Cram added.

“Feet are the window to the soul,” Grip said of the decision to shoot foot porn.

“You can tell a lot about a woman from her feet, like if her pussy smells or not,” Cram agreed.

Cram and Grip decided to go with their usual love for the average woman in this.

“The attainable is sexy,” Grip asserted.

“Not every girl has perfectly manicured feet….Beyond determining that the feet were not augmented, we did not look at the feet before the scenes. The viewer gets an assortment of all different kinds of feet, the feet he gets in real life. There aren’t that many women with $300 pedicures out there,” Cram said.

“Yeah, not every woman is Jenna fucking Jameson,” Grip agreed.

“Thank God,” Cram affirmed.

While not starring Jameson, Toe Jam stars Nicole Parks, Britney Jay, Vandalia, Joelean, Tara Wild, Taylor Kross, Candi Apple, Monet Divine, Antonette and Precious with Juan Cuba, Dino Bravo, Bishop, Dwayne Cummings, Rod Fontana and Kevin M..

SkinTight Pictures is distributed by Legend Video.