Skeeter Kerkove to Direct Title for Vivid

Talk about your strange bedfellows. Ultra-hardcore helmsman Skeeter Kerkove is set to direct a production for couples fare giant Vivid Video.

“It’s two absolute opposites,” Kerkove conceded to “And I am beyond excited. It’s a huge trophy for me. I have some great visions for this.”

Collision Course will star Vivid Girls Briana Banks and Tera Patrick and is scheduled to be shot Sept. 8-9. Unlike the vast majority of Vivid titles, it will be the kind of non-plotted, all-sex production Kerkove is known for, with his trademark fetish flavorings.

“But with big, big production values. And with passionate, nasty, hardcore sex as we can pull out of everybody,” the self-styled “King of Sodom” said. “And I know I can do it because I’ve gotten more double anals and first anals out of everybody.”

No doubt. But isn’t it a safe bet that Vivid will leave any double anal footage on the cutting room floor?

“I was told I will be allowed to leave A2Ms and I will be fully involved in the editing from beginning to end,” Kerkove replied. “I’m definitely going to film a double ‘A’ with one special girl, Naudia Real. She’s gonna be doing four guys.”

Vivid’s Marci Hirsch wasn’t available for lengthy comments, but she did tell that the Kerkove production “will fall within Vivid's guidelines.”

Kerkove said the project came about because Vivid co-owner Steve Hirsch and sister Marci “wanted a really hardcore, super-creative, heavily-involved director for the girls. And the girls feel comfortable with me because they know me.”

Kerkove said not only did he never imagine in his wildest dreams that he’d ever direct for Vivid, “I told them I never even thought I’d stand in their building. I didn’t think I’d ever even make it to their parking lot.”

Collision Course will likely be released sometime next year.