'Sisters of No Mercy' Set for Release From Severe Sex, Exile

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—New anthology title Sisters of No Mercy from BDSM studio Severe Sex Films arrives on DVD June 4 through Exile Distribution.

"We are going to hell for this, but it's worth it," Severe Sex co-owner Dee Severe said of the controversial production, which has a religious theme. "My partner Jimmy Broadway did an awesome job on our new church set, so we utilized it in every kinky, blasphemous way possible."

Sisters of No Mercy stars Charlotte Cross, Kiki D'Aire, Karla Lane, Audrey Noir, Jenevieve Hexx, Bettie Bondage, Hannah Hunt, Barbary Rose, Marcelo, D. Arclyte and Broadway, mostly as nuns and priests who have sinned greatly.

"The scenes have a wide variety of acivities and moods," Severe continued. "Karla Lane's angry nun on the rampage is hilarious, whereas the scene between Jimmy and Audrey Noir is possibly the creepiest thing we've ever shot."

Added Broadway, "Religion isn't really a fetish, it's a stage on which a number of fetishes can be acted tou, and I think that we covered quite a few of them, from the ritual to the wardrobe, the corporal aspects, the taboo nature of clerical relations and the potential for power exchange coupled with sin and redemption."

View the trailer for Sisters of No Mercy here.

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