Sinsations Parodies Hollywood Hit

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - While Riley Shy may look the part of a virginal teen in Sinsation Pictures’ 20-Year-Old Virgin, she proves she isn’t one in the newly-released title.

As the star of the Wicked Pictures-distributed video, which parodies last year’s Hollywood hit, 40-Year-Old Virgin, Shy plays her part to the hilt as the innocent teen who works at an adult book store whose friends scheme to get her deflowered.

“The 20-Year-Old Virgin seemed like a good idea for a movie considering the direction Sinsation is going with its parodies. Picking the lead was a little tougher though,” said Sinsations owner Paul Marco.

“This was the first time we actually did some casting and readings for the lead. Riley was an easy choice.  She is very cute and pulls off the 20-Year-Old Virgin as if she were one. But we all know how nasty she can be in front of the camera.”

The 20-Year-Old Virgin features Brooke Banner, Faith Leon, Lindsey Meadows, Taryn Thomas, Nani, Chloe Morgan, Van Damage, Marcos, Will Powers, Brad Hardy. 

The video also includes bloopers, behind the scenes footage and a bonus scene featuring Nicki Hunter and Taylor Hilton.

For more information, please call Wicked Pictures’ Bonnie Kail at (818) 349-3593 or e-mail her at [email protected].

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