Sinsation Explores Cyber-Sex in <i>Look Who's Watching</i>

"Isn't web-cam sex a little creepy and impersonal?" asks Van Damage in Sinsation Pictures' latest release, Look Who's Watching. Directed by award-winner Wesley Emerson from a script by Martin Brimmer, the movie explores the world of online perversion. 

"The basic premise is that Van Damage is going around to different websites, and he finds these two girls played by Kimberly Kane and Lindsey Meadows," Emerson explained. "They keep teasing him with these web-cam shows, and finally they tell him he can join in - on the condition that he find two more girls and have sex with them on the internet."

Eventually, Shy Love, Regan Anthony, Alexa Lynn and Faith Leon all join the cyber-daisy chain, with able-bodied assistance from Richard O'Neal, Reno and Brad Hardy. 

"Look Who's Watching was one of those shows where every scene was hot," the director said. "I teamed up Kimberly and Lindsey in a strap-on scene - they had never worked together before, and they just tore it apart. After that, they did a threesome with Van Damage that was even better. I also had a lot of fun with this one because I was able to program computers on set to play back footage I'd shot earlier in the day."

Does Emerson consider web-cam sex "creepy and impersonal"?

"No," he laughed. "I think it can be hot and nasty. The world needs more hot sex!"

Look Who's Watching arrives in stores April 25.

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