Sinister X Syndicate Launches 'Divas' Management Arm

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Rob Black's Sinister X Syndicate dips its toe once again into the talent management pool (following the dissolution of its Hall of Fame Management) with new outpost Sinister X Divas.

While no talent to be represented by the firm has yet been announced, a press release issued today boasted, "Sinister X Divas are star players whose amazing talents are featured in huge blockbuster projects only."

The release also noted that any talent the company does choose to represent will be brought on by invitation only, and that no agency fees will be collected from girls on the Sinister X Divas roster or producers who book them. In addition, the company promises each girl her own website, the ability to own and distribute her own product, and even free transportation for work and/or errands.

"The days of female talent shooting endless numbers of content scenes and never seeing a dime are over," the release said. "And all producers of all productions can rest assured that every Sinister X Diva can perform at the highest possible level of both dramatic skill and erotic expertise."

For more information about Sinister X Divas, contact Faith Medley at (818) 653-3105.