SINematica Crowns Anna de Ville Most Valuable Performer for May

DUBLIN—International studio SINematica has anointed Anna de Ville as its "Most Valuable Performer" for May 2023.

The Oregon native, who now resides in Prague, Czech Republic, has been dubbed the "DAP Queen" by some, and is generally know as one of the industry's most hardcore performers.

“I asked SINematica to shoot DAP with me, because I actually prefer it more that d.p.," de Ville revealed. "They agreed and I feel that it was my favourite scene out of the entire trip.

“It was my first time in the south (west) of France, and it was great to see how much the environment changed," she continued. "It was also my first time on the coast in France, so I will always remember that.” 

“Having the chance to shoot Anna de Ville as the first American model for the brand and crown her as the Most Valuable Performer of the Month really means something to us," a company representative said. "We couldn’t be more stoked. Anna is a true hard core performer!”  

In addition to her DAP scene released in conjunction with the MVP title—administered by Canadian veteran and author Erik Everhard and French veteran Ian Scott—de Ville performed a JOI video filled with dirty talk.

“The JOI was difficult for me," she confessed. "I felt very anxious, I have stage fright when I’m alone on camera and feel like I have nothing to do. Preoccupying myself with other people on camera makes me feel more comfortable, but I was glad to be able to make a scene like this, and the crew were very understanding and supportive.” 

She added, “I don’t think I have ever been a 'showcase of the month' for any company before this. It really honors me that SINematica chose me and I’m so grateful for them reaching out and their decision to highlight me. Honestly it meant a lot to me personally, and my career as well.

“Overall, it was and amazing and special experience to work with SINematica, to connect with their crew," she concluded. "I loved the Polaroids we did, and also the b-roll was always fun and unique. I hope that this month’s showcase reflect the feeling and spirit from our time together in France.”

Anna de Ville's MVP scene, "Double A Master Class II," is available now at

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