Sinatra Monroe Named April Twistys Treat of the Month

This feature appears in the April issue of AVN digital magazine.

LOS ANGELES—Sinatra Monroe brought classic style to her Twistys Treat of the Month photoshoot for April.

The fast-rising star from Tampa, Fla., dazzled in a black lingerie ensemble, a sheer white dress with angel wings and then white lingerie in a series of photos that were styled by Lea Lexis and shot by Zanc.

The Twistys spotlight comes just six months after Monroe’s splashy studio porn debut for sister company Brazzers in which she tangled with Manuel Ferrara and Liz Skylar under the direction of Keiran Lee.

The former bartender/waitress turned exotic dancer and content creator built an impressive fan following prior to stepping onto her first adult set, so it’s no surprise she is making an immediate impact in mainstream.

“I started in the mainstream industry in October of last year and to only be in the industry for a short amount of time and already being asked to be the Twistys Treat is really a special honor,” Monroe tells AVN. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt more beautiful in my entire life, especially on Day 2 when we did three different looks and my solo scene.”

“Lea really played off my name and what I represent with very classic looks, very elegant, very Sinatra Monroe.”


Sinatra says Lea drew inspiration from her AVN Awards Show look—when she slipped into a long black dress that was cinched at the waist, curled her hair and donned red lipstick.

“It was a little bit of that look,” she says. “The wings were definitely my favorite.”

A Twistys rep tells AVN, “Our Twisty treat for April is an angel in disguise. Sinatra Monroe looks like a million bucks in her glam look, you won’t be able to keep your eyes off her.”

The first day of her Twistys showcase featured her getting intimate with fellow Spiegler Girl Slimthick Vic for a sensual encounter.

“I got to meet her on a personal level and that’s one of the reasons why I really enjoy mainstream because I get to meet so many amazing performers,” Sinatra says.


Monroe got into the industry through another successful creator who is good friends with the AVN Hall of Fame performer and longtime Brazzers exclusive, Lee.

“She introduced me to Keiran via text and I said, ‘Hey, I would love an opportunity to do a scene,’” Sinatra recalls. “I kind of poked at him for four months or so and then he said, ‘Hey I’ve got a Brazzers scene in LA, can you be here on this date?’”

It turned out to be the scene with Skylar and Ferrara—and the rest is history.

“I was in love,” Sinatra recalls. “I said this is amazing… I really enjoy the whole process. I like sitting there in the chair and getting my hair and makeup done and I enjoy having lines. I did musical theatre in middle school and high school so I enjoy getting to play a different character for each one.

“I loved it and Brazzers did a great job that day. They were super professional and they’ve kept calling me back since.”

Monroe did her homework on agencies, identifying Spiegler Girls as the right fit for her.

“Spiegler Girls was my only option. It was either them or I would continue to book by myself,” she says. “So the day after my first scene I had my meeting with Spiegler Girls and I expressed I wanted to be on the team.”


An exotic dancer since she was 20, the now 27-year-old Monroe started her OnlyFans almost three years ago.

She became a popular draw at her home club in Tampa and during many dancing trips in Las Vegas, where she traveled for big weekends such as the Super Bowl and March Madness.

“Vegas is a whole different animal,” Monroe says.

She worked at an Italian restaurant and a tavern among other spots when she was in the food & beverage industry.

Sinatra tells AVN it was a former adult star that helped advise her on how to build her social media presence.

“I’ve been working on my socials now for quite a little while,” Monroe says. “One of the people who really inspired me and taught me a lot was Gianna Nicole…

“She taught me a lot of what I know. I got introduced to her from one of my very good friends and I got a lot of advice from her. She built a very big platform for herself. She’s extremely educated and she took me under her wing for a little while.”

Monroe estimates she’s done about 15 to 20 scenes so far, many of which have yet to be released.

She plans to continue to reside in Tampa and come to LA every month to do scenes because if she moved to Porn Valley she might not ever take a day off.

“I’m a hard worker, so I like my work-life balance,” she says.


Photos by @shotbyzanc