Sin City's Karina Featured on Channel's <I>Howard Stern Show</I>

Sin City Entertainment's contract-performer Karina will be appearing on The E! Channel's Howard Stern Show for two consecutive nights, tomorrow and Thursday, in two different episodes taped from the same appearance..

Karina's recent appearance on Stern's radio show was so popular that a 2-part television episode was created. The show introduced a segment entitled, "Porn or Politics," wherein listeners had an opportunity to get their message out over the airwaves or go on a "special" date with Karina.

All three of the contestants chosen opted to get their message(s) out. In fact, Howard was so taken with Karina that he had her stay on the show for the next segment and interact with comedian, Sandra Bernhard.

"I was looking forward to fulfilling a listener's fantasy but it wasn't meant to be," said Karnia. "Just being on the show was a great experience and from the sound of things, I'll be back on the show again!"

Stern's E! Show is broadcast at 11:00PM and rebroadcast at 2:00 am.