Sin City Offers Downloadable Content for iPhone

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Production studio Sin City has made all of its trailers available online for free download to Apple's new iPhone, and is in the process of putting up individual scenes to be purchased and viewed on the device.

"The iPhone is the newest and sexiest media platform to hit the scene," said Sin City technical support supervisor Craig Amherst. "With so much hype surrounding the all-in-one Apple iPhone, we knew we had to develop something specifically designed just for this device to go along with our available content for the iPod and Apple TV."

In addition to the catalogue of Sin City and Mayhem trailers, the company has uploaded free, never-before-seen BTS footage for iPhone owners; Sin City plans to make every scene in its library available for purchase.

"Right now we are uploading thousands of scenes so that consumers can purchase their favorite ones to watch," said content manager DJ. "We currently anticipate that the bulk of our catalogue will be online in the near future."

Instructions for downloading and installing Sin City content on the iPhone, iPod and Apple TV can be found here.