Sin City Gearing Up For Undertow

The dog days of summer may be upon PornValley, but there’s a buzz of activity on the back lot of SinCity’s offices and production facilities.

What’s it all about? SinCity contract director Francois Clousot’s hard at work, doing pre-production for Undertow, the sequel to last years heavily nominated AVN Awards video Riptide.

Undertow is somewhere between XXX and Point Break with a great deal of sex thrown in,” explains Clousot. “We are trying to combine all the excitement of full throttle action with unbelievable sex. We’ve got a great script, an exciting cast, full crew, including all the gear I need to make this happen right. This will be a fine addition to SinCity’s Ultra line of big budget features.”

SinCity General Manager, Scott Justice, is equally excited about tackling such a daunting production. “This one is going to be a blast. It’s a surf movie, about a guy who has to infiltrate a gang of terrorists to stop them from detonating a bomb and killing thousands of people,” Justice offers, going on to say, “but it is also a love story, and more than that, it’s a tale of sacrifice and honor. A little something for everyone,” Justice promises.

Company publicist D. Cypher, adds, “We’re going all out, putting together shot lists right now featuring illegal street car races with classic muscle cars like the Shelby Cobra, complex sword fighting with authentic, double-edged Japanese fighting swords as well as action scenes with gun play, car chases and high powered explosions.”

Slated to begin filming August 9th and featuring all three Sin City contract stars, Shay Sweet, Aurora Snow, and Hannah Harper, plus a handful of newcomers and surprise guests, the movie will be lensed at beach locations, Beverly Hills mansions, underground nightclubs, downtown warehouses and into the streets of Los Angeles.

SinCity plans to release Undertow before the September 30, 2004 cut-off date for AVN Awards nominations.