Sin City Debuts 'Rated X Romantic' Line of Couples Classics

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Sin City Films is launching Rated X Romantic, a new line of classic couples porn features from the vaults.

"What makes these titles special is that they are all in the couples market," said Sin City national sales manager
Drew Dixon. "Each title is a feature with a romantic edge that consumers and classics hounds will love."

The first Rated X Romantic release is Chinatown 2, shipping this week. The 1997 Paul Norman feature stars Chandler, Mika Choix, Kimi Gee, Shana Edwards, Pearl Essence, and Morella as "perverse angels whose touch is heaven on earth to an exclusive and powerful secret clientele in a world of forbidden desires brought to life and taboos exposed."

"We're offering special deals on these amazing releases," Dixon said. "I'm really excited about this promotion and looking forward to hearing what fans have to say."

Distributors may contact Sin City toll free at (800) 315-9888 or via email to Drew Dixon at [email protected].