Sid Deuce Goes Freelance With Kick-Ass Editing Skills

Former starlet Sid Deuce has spent the past four years in the editing bay for Kick Ass Pictures, but due to the studio's recent budgetary decision to move post-production in-house, she has once again become a free agent.

"I'm ready to whore myself out to anyone!" Deuce told with a laugh. "Anyone with good porn — whether that be really nasty, raunchy porn or really pretty, gorgeous porn. I can do everything from Max Hardcore to Digital Playground."

Prior to her stint at Kick Ass, Deuce worked for David Christopher, Wesley Emerson, Alex Sanders and others. And according to Kick Ass owner Mark Kulkis, she's the best there is.

"She's been editing my stuff since 2000," Kulkis remarked, "and it's been a great relationship. I don't think there's a better editor in the business. I sell a lot of movies to Playboy, and I know a lot of times, people get their movies kicked back to them for various technical specs, and I've never had a single tape ever turned back by Playboy. So that's one indication of her skill level."

Both Kulkis and Deuce said their parting was completely amicable, and necessary only because of differing needs. "I've moved into a new building where I have more room, and I actually have room for an in-house bay now," Kulkis explained. "Between that and just the DVD market being so flat, I'm looking for ways to cut costs, so I had to get an in-house person, which she wasn't able to do, so I'm trying to help her get a new gig, find a new home."   

One of Deuce's biggest selling points, she pointed out, is the fact that, "I've been doing HD for two years now, and a lot of people aren't up to par on the HD yet. I have all my own equipment; two full bays."

"She's a crazy perfectionist," Kulkis added. "I mean, she really goes above and beyond the call of duty; even if she has to pull an all-nighter to get something right, she will.

"She's also a pervert," he cracked. "She's a bigger pervert than a lot of guys I know. The more perverted the movie I turned in to her, the more she liked cutting it. So she definitely gets it."

Sid Deuce can be reached via her company's Website,