Showgirl Video’s 11th annual Legends of Erotica Inductions

For the 11straight year, Showgirl Video in Las Vegas hosted the annual Legends of Erotica and a healthy, packed showing of fans and stars made it a must-attend for porn historians and aficionados on Friday, January 9th .

This large video store, located on Las Vegas Blvd. between the strip and downtown, is part of Arrow Film and Video owner Raymond Pistol’s adult empire. The main cavernous room is cleared of product for the event, and the walls are filled with cement impressions, from previous inductions, of various body parts and signatures from notable porn names of the past.

The highest award, always a surprise to the recipient, was presented to a stunned Christi Lake by Bill Margold, the founder of the Legends of Erotica. Called the Carnal Medal of Honor, it is given to people who go out of their way to promote adult welfare and free speech. Lake was tearful and thrilled, and an emotional audience appeared very happy with the decision to give her this award.

During the actual inductions, those involved were placed on stage to relate stories, answer questions from the crowd, and literally bask in delight as fans made it very clear that, although some of them were long out of the business, none were forgotten.

Rhonda Jo Petty, best known for her work two decades ago, was inducted by fellow long-ago performer Johnny Keyes. T.T. Boy was inducted by World Modeling owner Jim South. Victoria Paris was inducted by Fairvilla video store owner William Murphy. Alicia Rio was inducted by her ex-husband Steve Houston. A surprise, unannounced induction was also performer on Jim South by Cannibal.

When it was all over Queenie, Amy Charm, and Summer Haze remained on stage to dance and strip for the fans.

Johnny Keyes kept the entertainment value elevated as he cracked jokes and sang as Petty carved her niche in cement.

There is always speculation amongst the crowd as to just how those being inducted will choose which body part will be imbedded in cement. This year everyone but Alicia Rio choose handprints to accompany their signature. Rio opted to leave a more fitting impression and, gingerly lowered her naked pelvis so fans for years to come will be able to view a perfect booty shape on the hallowed walls of Showgirl Video.