Showcase 'I Am Katrina' Launches New Evil Angel Films Imprint

VAN NUYS, Calif.—Viewers of the 2017 AVN Awards Show got a colorful glimpse into the life of Performer of the Year nominee Katrina Jade, but that was just a tantalizing droplet of the grand, deeply probing exposé to come with I Am Katrina, the Evil Angel star showcase/documentary that also marks the debut of the company's new blue-chip imprint Evil Angel Films.

Released Wednesday via VOD and due out on DVD October 30, I Am Katrina offers four diverse scenes from four different directors—including EA founder John Stagliano—that all take advantage of the star's anal-exclusive agreement with the company, interspersed with documentary footage both from each individual shoot and following Jade back to her hometown to explore her childhood haunting grounds.

The brainchild of EA vice president of product Chris Gentile, I Am Katrina was shot over seven days, three of those devoted solely to the documentary portions. "Our goal from the beginning was to reveal Katrina's off-camera personality and to also give our fans a peek at what it's like being on an Evil Angel set," Gentile told AVN. "If you're a fan of one of the featured directors you'll get to know them a lot better as well."

The additional three directors who contributed scenes were Jonni Darkko, Aiden Starr and the LeWood duo (Francesca Lé and Mark Wood), while Gentile himself took on the documentarian duties.

"We told each director to handle their scene as if it were a scene for one of their own movies," he explained. "We obviously shot the documentary on every set, but our goal was to preserve each director's style and not give them any additional direction that might alter that." 

With the interstitial footage, however, Gentile noted, "We show the reality of what it's like working in the adult business ... the early mornings on set, the ritual of testing twice a month, plus what the testing process is like and why it's important."

Gentile divulged that he does have some experience behind a doc camera. "I decided to shoot the documentary myself using some help from an old film school classmate of mine who also works at Evil Angel," he said. "Our last documentary together was a senior student film featuring current and past members of the Westboro Baptist Church."

Seems like an oddly fitting precursor to an examination of one of adult's self-branded most villainous sirens, who recounted that the company presented the idea to her after she'd signed the anal deal as the first banner project under the agreement. "Of course I was stoked," she enthused. "They kept me involved every step of the way, and made sure me and my lil' holes were happy in every way."

That said, there was one part of the endeavor about which she was decidedly unenthused: "I did not want to go to my hometown! But we ended up going anyways. I made sure to torture everyone that day. (They survived.) Going to my hometown just makes me want to get back out again."

Asked whether being there brought up any unexpected emotions for her, she retorted, "I was just stoked I don't live there anymore. I've never filmed any of that before, so fans will really get personal!"

As for the sex scenes themselves, each one is somewhat of an event in its own right. Likely to cause the biggest stir is Jade's pairing with trans phenom Venus Lux, as lensed by Starr. Though this wasn't Jade's first encounter with someone transgendered, it was her first time working with Lux, about whom she gushed, "I have wanted her for so long. I had a lot of built up sexual tension. She was very kind, real, and did the fuckin' thing! The whole day was glorious."

Lux echoed those sentiments, remarking, "I have to admit, I was pretty nervous and I didn't know what to expect or feel or how to react. Overall, my experience working with Katrina Jade was a mesmerizing experience. One I will always adore and respect. She is one of the pioneering women who is helping to change the context of sexuality and trans inclusion. I love her for that! I also love the fact I was able to kiss, taste, pleasure and cream pie Katrina Jade. Fans, eat your hearts out!"

She also offered, "Evil Angel, Aiden Starr and Katrina Jade, thank you for letting me be part of this moment in porn history. Evil Angel, to me, exemplifies much change to more trans inclusion into mainstream/lesbian pornography, which I love."

Starr registered similar delight with the experience, telling AVN, "I was excited when Evil asked me to direct Katrina with a TS girl because lesbian sex scenes are my favorite. Venus and I had spoken earlier this year about working together on a project involving her and a girl so the pieces really fell right into place. Working with the documentary crew provided elements of narrative structure that I had been looking to add to my movies in a way that took my product to the next level. The raw, real-time activities of the process of shooting porn right next to the fantasized sex scene brings the viewers close enough to the action to taste it!"

Speaking of raw and real-time, another highly buzz-worthy segment of I Am Katrina is Stagliano's, which as Gentile detailed features "the much anticipated return to vintage Buttman-style content. He hasn't shot a scene following the original formula in years. Katrina picked her close frined Kissa Sins to co-star. The premise involved Buttman seeing the girls on the beach as he drove by. He then coerces them to come back to his house so he can make a 'home video' of them. The end result was wild, raw sex with Katrina and Kissa in control of everything. Buttman was just happy to watch."

Confirmed Stagliano, "It was the first two-person Buttman scene I have shot in America since maybe 2007. It may be my last ever, I won't predict. But it was a really special scene. It is hard for me to keep up with these young people!"

Sins, who as those who saw this year's AVN Awards broadcast will recall pledged her love to Jade in a wedding ceremony staged on the floor of the 2017 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (this was actually a renewal of their vows from a 2014 Vegas wedding, she subsequently explained), elaborated on the contents of the scene in decidedly more unrestrained terms: "Katrina has been my wife for three years now and I love her more than life. The thing we enjoy doing the most is attempting to sexually kill each other with our vaginas and that's what we got to do for this scene and it was incredible! No one has ever shot just me and Katrina together ... we have always had a dick in between us or with other girls. So this was the first time we got to really fuck each other and concentrate only on each other and it was INSANE!"

She continued, "We don't really know how to express love and so we try by choking and spitting and slapping and smothering each other. It's really the only way we know how to express it and still it's never enough. Whenever we kiss we need to use our hands around each other's necks and take it further than just regular kissing or fucking, or even when we hug, we have to wrap our legs around each other until we fall. We fucking truly love each other and we're both insane and it really comes through in this video. I love her so much and I'm so proud of her being 100 percent herself 100 percent of the time and everyone should watch I Am Katrina because she poured her heart into it and she's the best slut of all the sluts! I love you wife!"

For the LeWood scene, which Gentile described as "a playful vignette where Katrina submits her anal résumé for consideration as our first contract star," the results garnered comparable praise to the rest from its creators. Asserted Lé, "Being it was one of her first anal scenes, she definitely lived up to Evil Angel standards. She killed it."

What all of this adds up to is the type of scale Gentile and co. have in mind for works released under the Evil Angel Films banner. "Expect to see high-end gonzo showcases, reality-based films shot in our new docu-porn format, plus any other projects we deem fit for the label," he indicated. "Bigger budget projects that require more time than we can usually commit to a typical movie. There will likely be an occasional feature or two, but the focus is definitely on sex documentaries and polished showcases."

As for what's in store from Jade while EA literally owns her ass, she promised, simply, "Complete destruction."

See I Am Katrina before it hits DVD at GameLink or HotMovies. And stay abreast of the coming destruction by following Jade and Evil Angel on Twitter at (respectively) @kj_fetishmodel and @evilangelvideo.