Shoehorn and Chio Launch New Webmaster Forum:

A new adult webmaster forum,, has launched.’s creation is a reaction to other webmaster forums and was created by Johnny Shoehorn and Chio.

“Adult webmasters will now have a place to discuss business and personal life without the fear of being banned for not liking the right person, or having their sig revoked for not kissing the right ass or having tits,” Shoehorn says. “Chio and I got tired of some other boards playing favorites with people. Certain people were allowed to run amok while others were forced to comply with ridiculously strict rules. We got tired of the favoritism and ass kissing and decided to start our own board that would be just as fun and business-oriented without all the daily soap opera whining and bickering that holds the industry back.” has been open for a little more than a month and is offering free advertising to pretty much anyone who wants it.