Sherri Holloway Launches GFD Sales and Distribution

LOS ANGELES - Abigail Productions founder Sherri Holloway has launched GFD Sales and Distribution, an independent video distributor dedicated to providing "what women want."

GFD exclusively reps a group of studios known for lesbian and fetish videos made by and for women: Abigail Productions, Julie Simone Productions, Madison Bound Productions, Pink Box Productions, DWS, Varla Vex Productions, and Belleza Video. 

Holloway began planning the new venture earlier this year after splitting from Girlfriends Films, for whom she previously handled sales under the banner of Girlfriends Distribution. Despite the initials, GFD is not affiliated with Girlfriends Films or Girlfriends Distribution. 

When Girlfriends Films decided to take its distribution back in-house in April, Holloway continued with Abigail Productions. GFD is essentially an offshoot of Abigail Productions, which has already been distributing videos this year for most of the studios that make up the GFD roster.

"I am absolutely thrilled to bring to light what has been an exhausting effort on the part of everyone involved, to create a fresh and exciting new distribution company with incredible people," Holloway said.

Holloway has tapped lesbian porn director Varla Vex to head operations for the new company. "GFD is a great company, built on solid and smart business practices," Vex said. "It is an honor to help the company reach its ultimate potential."

GFD will release approximately 8 titles each month. Holloway hopes to expand that release schedule to include additional studios in the near future.

"Our directors are incredibly passionate with their work," Holloway said. "Real scripts, honesty and story lines are what set them apart from their competition. Our actors enjoy what they're doing and incorporate their ideas into the work. They are often allowed to select their filming partner in order to create the most chemistry and passion as possible in front of the cameras. Our directors work very hard to match the right girls that are genuinely attracted to each other."

Among the upcoming releases from GFD is The Dirty Facts of Life, a lesbian send-up of the popular 1980s NBC sitcom. Dirty Facts was directed by Oren Cohen of TightFit Productions.

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