She's Now Ava Vincent

Jewel Valmont has decided to switch names in the middle of the stream and is now using the perform de plume, Ava Vincent. Valmont is currently starring in a feature called Flawless which is being shot this week by director Nick Steele for Adam & Eve/Ultimate Pictures.

G. Ross: "Do you think there will be some confusion about this switch?"

Vincent: "I know there will be a certain amount of confusion. I think that people will catch on. I don't know if I have a lot of following as far as fans go. I don't have that kind of feedback in my career as yet. I wouldn't know who would be affected by it, per se."

G. Ross: "Did you just pick the name Ava Vincent out of the hat, or was there something you had in mind?"

Vincent: "I was trying to decide on a name that sounded normal. I've always liked the name Vince so I took Vincent. And then I got Ava when I was on Chloe's last set. I was trying to think of a name and somebody came up with Eve. I thought of Ava. I thought of making a change for quite some time because there are a lot of other Jewels in the industry - there's Jewel De'Nyle, Emily Jewel and Dina Jewel. I hadn't realized that when I got into the industry. I regretted having that name for a long time and wanted to change it, but I knew it was hard to change once you have your name. But for other reasons I decided to say screw it."

Vincent got into the business about a year and a half ago but has been taking breaks off and on.

G. Ross: "Are you excited about Flawless?"

Vincent: "Very excited. I love doing features. I like the sex. I like to have fun and enjoy myself, but I also like the theatrical and creative aspects of features. I was a theater major so I enjoy acting....I got into the business as part of a domino-effect. I happened to start working for an adult bookstore to pay rent. I had never seen an adult movie but when I started working there, I became very interested very quickly. I started meeting people and going to CES. I was introduced to Seymore Butts through Samantha Stylle who was a contract girl at the time. My first movie was Tushy Girls Play Ball."

G. Ross: "The obvious question being, did you get it in the tushy?"

Vincent: "I sure wasn't the first time. I do anal in my private life."

G. Ross: "Good for you. I love a woman who can say that."

Vincent: "I hate to do anything on film that I wouldn't do at home. That's my rule. I like anal. I don't practice it every single day of my life, but it's something I enjoy a lot, especially when I'm in a particular mood and turned on, I really like it."

G. Ross: "Was the first time easy for you?"

Vincent: "The first time I ever did it, it was amazingly easy. I couldn't understand why everybody was making such a big deal about it."

G. Ross: "Is Flawless a big part for you?"

Vincent: "There's not that much dialogue for me, but it's more of my presence. I have a lot of presence in this script. It's supposed to be like the movie Entrapment so they're really focusing on the attitude of the characters and the action. I'll be scaling off a building and repelling...stuff like that. I like doing stunt work."

G. Ross: "What was going through your head when all this Rough Sex controversy was going down? There was one time that you wanted to talk about it."

Vincent: "The more and more I hear about it, the more upset I get. I was certainly upset the day I went in to do it. When they hired me for the movie, they told me the whole description of the scene was it's going to be rough sex. That can be interpreted in a number of ways. Literally, what they should have said was, it's going to be hardcore, corporal punishment with severe verbal and physical humiliation. That would have been a more accurate description. You could say rough sex, like T.T. Boy-style.

"But once I got to the set and told what the scene was going to be, I was very surprised. I don't like to make waves once I'm on the set. I don't want to be a prima donna and cause trouble. But some of the things the director described that he wanted in the scene, I wasn't comfortable with. I was expressing to him that I wasn't comfortable with very specific things. He was very much pressuring me to go ahead and do it anyway. I said I don't like this. He said, fine, we won't do it. But he did it anyway. It's almost like he focused on those things just to spite me it seems.The actual scene was fine with me [with Jon Dough and Mickey G.]. Actually, it felt good afterwards. It was kind of a release. But it was upsetting to me that I was not able to be prepared for what was going to happen that day. I walked away from that scene with bruises on my lips, bruises all over my body. As time went on, the more I realized how bad I felt about that scene. I still to this day have not watched it. I don't think I want to watch it. I think it would have been fine if he told me what the scene was and respected my limitations.

"But I figured it was okay because it was the first of a series and maybe he didn't know how to describe it well enough when he hired me. But the more I talked to other people who had been in them, they had no description, either. Chloe who works over at AIM said they came to AIM and asked that they make up a release form so that these girls would know what they were getting into. AIM told them why don't you give us some videos so we could show the girls. They didn't want to do that. I think they wanted to ambush the girls, and I don't think that's right at all. I think the movie in its form is great. I even like watching movies like that, but I don't agree with people who are trying to surprise girls and get them into things they don't know they're getting into. Cause the fact is they'll feel pressured to do it once they're on the set."

[Vincent said she'll continue to do bondage features. "It's something I have an interest it and want to learn more about that genre," she said. "I practice S&M in my life."