Sharon Mitchell Responds To Czech Health Report

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - AIM Health Care founder Dr. Sharon Mitchell, in response to a report out of the Czech Republic deeming adult industry health regulations there satisfactory, offered AVN some comments on the flaws not only in that country's systems, but throughout Europe.

This follows Mitchell's recent warning call to the industry concerning the outbreak of syphilis in the Czech Republic, which poses a threat to both the European adult talent pool and any Americans traveling to and from Europe to produce content.

"The problem with Czech Republic, and anywhere else they shoot porn, is that they're all on different protocols," said Dr. Mitchell. "They all use different forms of the ELISA method, and that's something we just don't use, because the window period is at best seven weeks of detection, and ours is just 10 days after exposure. Plus, they test for different things. Some countries test for Chlamydia and gonorrhea, some don't; some test for syphilis and hepatitis, some don't. They all test for different things, strains are different in each country, and on top of that, what makes matters worse is treatments are different in each country, the medications they use.

"So when you combine all of this madness with no database like we have here in the States, it's a recipe for disaster," she continued, "and that's why they continue to get outbreaks in both the gay and straight industry in Europe."

Dr. Mitchell said AIM is working on making its services universal, in order to help prevent these types of outbreaks.

"AIM is doing its best to get everyone on the same page and to allow them to use our database," she explained. "We're right now looking into laboratories where we can get the state of the art testing to everyone in Europe. It may take us a couple more months, but we've been working on this for a while. It's a huge project."

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