Shane's World to Distribute Hush Hush Offshoots

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Shane's World Studios has signed a deal to distribute two new reality-geared offshoot labels from Hush Hush Entertainment, Voodoo House and Bone Digital.

"I had some reality ideas that I had going," Hush-Hush owner Andrew S. told AVN, "and they're, as far as I'm concerned, the best reality studio out there, and they have their own distribution; I figured it would be a nice fit."

Echoed Shane's World head of sales Megan Stokes, "I've known the people over there for a little while, and they recently decided to start doing some more reality-type stuff, and so they came to us because, basically, if you're looking to distribute quality reality, in my opinion, we are the place to go to."

Andrew explained that Voodoo House will be producing titles with "experimental gonzo themes," while Bone Digital will be dedicated exclusively to doing interracial lines.

Asked to further describe what the Voodoo House fare will be like, Andrew offered a summary of its debut release, Brianna Love Comes of Age: "One scene's bondage, the next scene's anal, the next scene is two of the biggest black dicks she's ever taken, the next scene is girl/girl, just running the gamut and showing how she's an excellent performer in all these different scenarios."

"Gonzo has gotten pretty formulaic, and the things that they're doing I find to be different," added Stokes. "Like Brianna Love Comes of Age is kind of showing you what makes a girl become a star. I think, you know, all of us kind of, when a girl comes into the industry, you see her and you're like, 'That one's gonna be here for a while, she's gonna be a star.' It's taking those girls and watching that process."

Andrew hinted that this deal is only the tip of the iceberg for the partnership between Hush-Hush and Shane's World. "Both parties plan on this being a long-term collaboration," he stated.

Stokes confirmed Andrew's sentiment, adding, "By having them come on board, there's not a niche out there that we're not going to be covering in the reality market."

Brianna Love Comes of Age is scheduled to street Aug. 14, and the first title from Bone Digital, Manaconda (starring Richard Mann), is slated for Aug. 9. To order, call Megan Stokes at (818) 717-8851.