Seymore Butts Shops New Reality TV Pilot

LOS ANGELES - AVN award-winner Adam "Seymore Butts" Glasser has completed the pilot for "Lighthouse," a new reality television series centered around his adult talent agency of the same name.

Originally shot under the working title 'Agents of Love,' 'Lighthouse' focuses on "the agents themselves, and how they deal with working within the environment of the agency," Glasser told AVN. "It goes into the whole spectrum of the adult industry; what their jobs are like, working with the girls, and how it affects their personal lives."

Glasser developed the pilot with Two Roads Entertainment, the reality TV production company known for its work on VH1's 'The Surreal Life' and other hit series.

"Today was the first time I actually saw footage that we had shot put together, and I loved it," Glasser told AVN. "My production partners at Two Roads are extremely excited; they have five or six projects in the works, and this is their favorite. We're going to take it over to their agents, who are responsible for getting them meetings with various networks - that happens on Wednesday. If everything goes well, they're going to love it and start setting up pitch meetings with networks immediately."

Glasser has a few major outlets in mind as potential homes for the series, but he declined to name them at press time.

"We've already targeted a couple of places – hopefully, the big shots over at the agency agree that they're the right places for this to go," he said Considering that we ran for four seasons on Showtime, and considering my partners' experience, we're walking into the room with a lot of ammunition.

"We're trying to find as mainstream a vehicle for this as possible," Glasser continued. "Just like in 'Family Business,' the industry is somewhat on the periphery because that's the only way we can hope to get any true mainstream exposure. I don't even necessarily consider the Showtime avenue that 'Family Business' rode down as being completely mainstream as much as, say, HBO, or a channel that's considered basic cable such as A&E or the E! Entertainment network."

Among the girls featured in the pilot are Jada Fire, Veronica Rayne and Amber Peach. Glasser will play a role in the new series "similar to Charlie in 'Charlie's Angels,' but maybe a little bit more because I'm not just a voice," he said. "I come into the office and run meetings and step in when there are problems that need to be handled above the capacity of the agents."

In addition to the 'Lighthouse' pilot, Glasser has a book in the works designed to educate readers on how to get into the porno business.

"I'm in the process of writing a book that to me is going to be the ultimate primer as far as getting involved in the adult industry," he said. "And that means either in front of the camera, behind the camera and almost every which way possible, all the way down to production crew, makeup, editors."

Glasser's co-writers on the book are Keith and Kent Zimmerman, noted for their work with Hell's Angel-turned-author Sonny Barger ('Hell's Angel: The Life and Times of Sonny Barger and the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club'.)

"Right now the first draft of the proposal is on its way to me, and I'm supposed to be seeing it next week," Glasser told AVN. "It's going to start getting pitched to publishers within the next 30 to 60 days."

On the XXX front, Glasser spoke about his recently-renewed distribution deal with Pure Play Media.

"First of all, I've been in this business 16 years, and the fact that I'm renewing my contract with Pure Play says a lot about the integrity that I feel that [Pure Play CEO] Richard Arnold has as a businessperson," he said. "In my mind, one of the rare things in this industry and many others is being able to find fair, honest people to do business with.

"That being said, am I planning on changing a lot with my movies? No.The fact that I now own a talent agency certainly does help me in getting things in my movies that possibly were a little more difficult before. Since I have 60 or 70 girls at the agency, when one of them is thinking about doing her first anal scene, naturally she's going to contact me - whereas before, that might have been a different story if I wasn't the owner of the agency representing them. That's somewhat of an advantage, I feel."

Glasser noted one major change in his new releases for Pure Play.

"I'm going to be shooting my movies with cutting a XX version in mind, and for the first time, my movies will be available for broadcast in XX versions," he said. "Which means that I'm going to be shooting a lot more vaginal sex. Before, if you cut the anal sex out of my movies, you had a 4 ½ minute movie!"

Glasser promises more big news on the horizon to appear first on Stay tuned.