Seymore Butts Launches Production Services in Mexico

SHERMAN OAKS, Calif.—Seymore Butts has launched Shoot In Mexico, a full-scale production services company for adult producers looking for new locations and talent while cutting production costs.

Shoot In Mexico offers total production solutions including travel, accommodations and transportation arrangements; hot, new Latina talent; production equipment from lighting to cameras; all categories of crew (makeup artists, stylists, wardrobe, etc.) insurance and legal needs; security; and even postproduction.

For those looking to escape the typical Porn Valley studio and gonzo-standard McMansions, Butts’ company offers exotic and urban locations in Alcapulco, the Mayan Riviera, Mexico City and more.

“Factors including the connections that I have in Mexico, the proximity of Mexico to California and the reduced costs of cast and crew to be found in Mexico all played a part in our decision to launch this service,” Butts said. “I have shot three movies there to date and have been thrilled with the results each time.”

Butts shot Tushy Con Carne, Tushy Con Carne 2 and Monkey Business in Mexico. He told AVN that he's known his Mexican partners for a long time and Shoot In Mexico has been roughly six months in the making.

Representatives from Shoot In Mexico will be meeting with producers at the XBIZ Expo, Feb. 7-10, in Los Angeles. For more information, email [email protected].



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