SexZ Pictures Unveils Exclusive <i>Upload</i> Teaser

Director Eli Cross is deep into post-production on his $350,000 adult sci-fi feature Upload, due out Sept. 25 from SexZ Pictures. In the meantime, Cross offers fans a special preview, available exclusively on

"The reason we want to make this available to people for download is that it’s really a teaser as opposed to a full trailer," Cross told AVN. "It’s only a minute long, but we wanted people to be able to see it on full HD, so it wasn’t practical to put it up as streaming video. At the time we made the teaser, we didn’t have all of the effects done, but we wanted to put something together because we're getting a lot of feedback from people who are curious about the show."

Co-written by Cross and Alvin Edwards, Upload stars SexZ contract girl Hillary Scott, Eva Angelina, Derrick Pierce and Kylie Ireland in a futuristic tale influenced by cyberpunk author William Gibson. Following up the success of Cross' dark, political porn flick Corruption, SexZ mogul Bo Kenney gave the director a 22-day schedule to shoot Upload.

According to Cross, SexZ Pictures will release Upload as a four-disc set, with the movie spread across two DVDs and two additional DVDs containing bonus features. "It’s definitely going to be released in HD," Cross said, "But we are looking for a Blu-ray author right now because all indications are that Blu-ray is going to be very much the dominant format. Until dual-format players come down in price, releasing on HD DVD is foolish."

Cross is currently spending up to 20 hours a day in post-production, finishing up the movie's CG effects. "A lot of it is sort of low-level background stuff that people won’t even notice," he said. "All of the cars in the movie are actually computer generated, including the one that blows up, because we didn’t have millions to build cars for a futuristic movie, and we didn’t want to use standard cars of today. There’s a fight sequence in a virtual reality simulator where Hillary kicks the crap outta Eva – Hillary's image is computer generated, except for her head."

Upload promises to deliver some of the year's hottest hardcore sex, including Eva Angelina's first anal and double-penetration scenes. "Eva's sex scenes rock - and I’m a hard judge," said Cross. "Boy, did she bring her A-game. For the DP, she performed with Mark Davis and Alex Sanders, and then the first anal happens in a boy/girl/girl with Evan Stone and Sandra Romain."

Cross praised the efforts of his partner Kylie Ireland, who handled the movie's production design and supervised the art department. The gorgeous AVN Hall of Famer also makes a welcome onscreen appearance as a 1940s femme fatale in a scene with Pierce and Delilah Strong.

"Kylie was even more involved with this movie than she was with Corruption," Cross said. "We had 18 different locations in 20 days...we lost an office building location days before we had to shoot, so Kylie and her crew built those sets in our place. I would defy anybody to pick out those sets."

Cross sees big-budget features as one way for the adult industry to fight the undertow of cheap internet porn.

"We’re going to start focusing more on big-budget stuff like this," Cross told AVN, "Because as the industry continues to change and the DVD market continues to take a dive, the thing that people still seem to want at home to actually buy is the big, epic stuff. Corruption has been SexZ’s biggest moneymaker – people told them you'll never make your money back, but it has already doubled its budget in profits and we haven’t even done most of the European licensing. So the idea is to scale back on gonzo and cheap stuff, and start doing three or four big, expensive movies a year."

To download the Upload teaser, right-click on the links below. The HD version requires Windows Media Player 9.

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