SexZ Pictures Presents <i>Get Reel</i>

LOS ANGELES - SexZ Pictures has set a Feb. 22 street date for Get Reel, a new adult feature from performer/director Tee Reel.

"The story is about my girlfriend who works at a strip club and is killed by some mobsters and we go through a whole thing about who killed her what happened," Tee Reel told AVN. "It's a huge movie: three days of fights and all. I got everybody from Nikki Benz to Megan Monroe to Ryder Skye in it."

Tee Reel has been around for some time now and has made his mark as one of the industry's premier black performers. And he's managed to stay on top and in demand from the start.

Unlike a lot of his contemporaries, Reel started out in the mainstream in the world of music videos. He said of his early days, "I used to direct music videos. I started out doing videos for 2 Live Crew. I also AD'd stuff for people like Ludacris, Nas and a couple other hip-hop artists."

However, Reel was no street hood made good; he's an educated man. He explained, "I got my degree out of Columbia in Chicago in film and I was working in L.A. on independent films and stuff like that. Then a girlfriend of mine was shooting porn and she brought me in."

While that last part of the Tee Reel saga begins to sound somewhat familiar, Reel claimed that his decision to enter the world adult full-time was, essentially, an economic one. "At the time, it was more lucrative for me to do porn," said Reel. "This was like four years ago. It was a no-brainer. It was get paid to have sex with your girlfriend or work 9-5 and get paid a quarter of what you're making now. I went and did a couple of scenes and I ended up getting a contract with Red Light District and never looked back. I haven't done a mainstream thing since."

Reel eventually ended up starting his own company Tee Reel Entertainment and making his own way in the porn world. He gave the rundown on its genesis. "I was with Red Light for a year," he said, "and then when my contract was up, I left them and started Tee Reel Entertainment. Then I directed Real Interracial for Vicious Media. After I did that, the ball just started rolling from there."

However, Reel didn't limit himself with the formation of his own company. "I still freelance for other companies," he quickly pointed out.

Over the course of his career, Reel has found himself in demand as a features player. He modestly shrugged off his appearances in many of 2007's big releases including SexZ's Upload and X-Play's Not the Bradys XXX.

As to his own company, Reel has set certain goals. He said of Tee Reel Entertainment, "I really want to focus on shooting high-end black and interracial stuff. I think that the market's full of that type of product right now, but there's a real lack of quality stuff. As a director, I do just enjoy directing high-quality talent."

However, Reel does take exception to what he sees as a careless attitude taken toward the production of black and interracial movies. He said, "I think that one thing that's lacking in the business is chemistry and putting together product with an entirely good cast and entirely good performances."

To that end, Reel said he pays attention to what he hears from his fans. " I talk to my fans and I know what they want to see," he said. I know what type of girls they're into. Even if it's not me, they'll say "Yo, Tee! Is there any way you can put so-and-so together with this girl?' and I always say, 'I'll see what I can do.'"

And that's just how the man rolls.

Get Reel also stars Faith Deluca, Natasha Nice and Brooke Scott. For SexZ Pictures sales inquiries, email [email protected] or call (888) 303-5443.

Tee Reel can be contacted directly at (310) 927-2969 or via e-mail at [email protected] Also see his MySpace page at