Sexy Podcasts Come to Life in Joybear's ‘Everyday Turn-ons’

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Sexy audio tales are incredibly popular on the internet, and now, Joybear Pictures has released a DVD with reenactments of podcaster Effie B (Kali Sudhra)’s steamy erotic stories, all of which sexy scenarios are based on real life. Pulse Distribution is shipping Joybear Pictures’ Everyday Turn-ons to retailers this week, in time for an October 29 street date.

“Whilst so many studios are focused on pushing the envelope, here at Joybear we think sexy can come from anywhere,” said Joybear Pictures Founder and CEO Justin Santos. “Everyday Turn-ons is a nod to those electric moments which spring up when you least expect them.”

Everyday Turn-ons opens with the story of Nora (Julia Roca), who’s distracted by the sounds her neighbors make when they have sex, to the point she uses the sounds to masturbate; Lee (Bel Gris), being the helpful partner, decides to create a bespoke experience for his girlfriend, with headphones and a blindfold. Hearing anonymous couples having sex pushes Nora over the edge, and she and Lee both lose control as they lose themselves in the throes of orgasm. Then, Jackie (Amber Nevada) is shy when it comes to receiving oral sex, but Nelson (Juan Lucho) is determined to prove to her how pleasurable it can be, in a scene focused on female pleasure. The third story features the podcaster herself, who comes to the aid of Shan (Katana), a friend who’s been missing her boyfriend while he’s away at work. Dressing up in Mark’s clothes, Effie takes on Shan’s boyfriend’s role in a gender play scene. Then, Gavin (Marcus Quillan) wakes in the middle of the night to find Mary (Liz Rainbow) cocooned in their sheets. When she admits to enjoy being restrained, the couple explore restraint play in various forms, from bondage tape to rope, and Gavin learns he also gets turned on when Mary is tied up. In the final story, busy modern couple Shan and Mark (Romeo) try to fit sex into their schedules—Effie can’t always be a substitute for Mark, after all—but when an effort to have sex before a party is derailed right before orgasm, the couple discovers the joy of delayed satisfaction, edging, and tease-and-denial play, proving good things do come to those who wait.

Everyday Turn-ons stars Kali Sudhra, Julia Roca, Amber Nevada, Katana, and Liz Rainbow, in addition to male performers Bel Gris, Juan Lucho, Marcus Quillan, and Romeo. To view the box cover, synopsis, and cast list, click here.

“Joybear releases are always beautifully shot in gorgeous locations, using stunning performers. The studio already enjoys a healthy fanbase in Europe. It’s our pleasure to make their films available here in North America,” said Pulse VP of Sales Hyland C. “The studio delivers scenes which are sexy, fun, and visually captivating, with authentic chemistry between the performers.”

Retailers interested in stocking Everyday Turn-ons may contact Hyland C. at [email protected] and/or call 818-435-1615, or contact an IVD Sales Representative.