Sexy Mannequin Dolls Up AEE

Anyone who has recently dropped by an Old Navy department store has probably been disappointed by the lack of sex appeal displayed by its mannequins. No come hither smiles. No erect nipple action. No big bulbous cocks. Just the same vacant stares draped in sweaters and khakis.

Los Angeles-based Sexy Mannequin has given the mannequin a complete makeover. During the last year and a half, the store fixture company has developed twelve models designed to capture the consumer’s eye with their suggestive forms and seductive poses.

“The mannequins are designed to be traffic stoppers,” said Sexy Mannequin’s operations manager, Andres Lopez, from his booth at this year's AEE. “ They get people in the stores to see their products.”

Judging by the constant flow of onlookers at the Sexy Mannequin booth, it's easy to see why. "They have shock value. They make you look," said Lopez, "And, that's what retailers want."

Along with the success Sexy Mannequin has seen in Adult stores, Lopez looks forward to breaking into the mainstream markets as well. “We want to go into lingerie and swimwear stores,” said Lopez

The company has two new mannequins tentatively scheduled for August. “One mannequin is a crouch model. It’s on its hands and knees crawling towards you,” explained Lopez, “The other is a sexy pole dancer. It comes with the stripper pole.”

When asked if the buff, bald, Ben English-looking male mannequin with the five enormous cock attachments is popular with the ladies, Lopez laughed, “Our mannequins are designed as store fixtures, but there are individuals who want them for their homes. We encourage that as well.”

Sexy Mannequin can be reached at or at 310-324-4242.

Pictured: Victoria Sin, Lopez, Kaelyn Landers.