Sexentertain Partners With Sex Culture Online

Member site content provider has announced an exclusive distributorship for Sex Culture Online.

Sex Culture Online provides a content feed containing scientifically based information about human sexuality, sexual health and fantasy.

“Industry lawyers and the Free Speech Coalition have put the adult entertainment industry on alert that the Bush administration is targeting our industry with renewed vigor,” says RJ, a Sexentertain partner. “Federal prosecutors rely on the so-called Miller Test, one aspect of which indicates that a website is deemed to be obscene if it lacks serious literary, artistic, political and scientific value. It seems clear that tour pages to adult websites are particularly exposed.

“Sex Culture Online adds a great deal of serious literary, artistic, political and scientific value to the tour pages and member sections of any adult website,” RJ continues. “It is easy for adult webmasters to do the math to understand what this product offers them. The Sex Culture Online feed adds value to adult websites in a way no other product can.”

Sex Culture Online is a Macromedia Flash application that resides on the webmasters’ sites and reads from a centralized database containing a large library of brief, helpful and easily understood articles regarding all aspects of human sexuality. All of the content has been written or edited by Michael Wiederman, an author, syndicated columnist, radio personality, associate psychology professor at Columbia College (South Carolina) and an expert on human sexuality.

“Adults worldwide visit adult websites to explore their sexuality, to fantasize and to achieve sexual satisfaction,” Wiederman says. “There is nothing wrong with that. We have worked hard to ensure that visitors to adult websites really enjoy the serious literary, artistic, political and scientific value Sex Culture Online provides.”