Sex Reloaded Adds Parent-Friendly Pages

In response to recent congressional committee meetings and in an effort to further the values of responsible free speech, Sex Reloaded has added parent-friendly pages to all of its disclaimer and age-verification pages.

“I strongly believe in our rights to express ourselves in adult,” says Sex Reloaded owner and Chief Executive Officer Victoria Givens. “I believe in the rights of adults to view what they choose in the privacy of their homes. I also believe in the rights of parents in America to protect their children from viewing what they feel may be harmful to them – whatever that may be – and to raise their children the way they choose.”

The folks at Sex Reloaded also have added links to all of the site’s disclaimer and age-verification index pages that will give “Parents & Pissed Off Wives” step-by-step instructions for setting the parental controls on their new computers.

“We don’t expect parents that aren’t interested in porn to go to adult sites to learn how to protect their children,” says Givens. “This is why we have created the parent-friendly pages that do not include any explicit images. What I think we should expect, however, and the government should expect, is for parents not only to be interested in what their children are viewing, but to take parental action as they would when their child wants to view the R-rated and mature-rated programming on the television set in their living room.”