Sex and Brain Surgery in Benny Profane's 'Hospital'

LOS ANGELES - Punk-porn gutter goddess Mandy Morbid stars in director Benny Profane's first Vivid-Alt feature, Hospital. The movie ships today on DVD from Pulse Distribution.

Mandy plays Lucy, a homeless punk nymphet who wakes up in a surreal hospital where doctors want to modify her bad behavior with brain surgery. The movie's sexual vignettes unfold as an amnesic Lucy flashes back on her not-so-innocent past.

"This was the best experience I've ever had shooting a feature," Profane told AVN. "It was a lot of fun to make because it allowed me to use nurse and medical fetish themes. And Mandy is stunning."

Known for her huge, natural breasts and striking squatter-chick look, mohawked Mandy is one of the hottest young alterna-girls in porn. Hospital features her only boy/girl scenes available on DVD.

"Mandy is a good friend of mine - I met her before she started doing her website, and I'm now the webmaster," Profane said. "She had done a girl/girl scene for Carlos Batts in Young Hollywood, but this is the first time she's done boy/girl outside of her site. She does three scenes in the movie - two boy/girl and one boy/girl/girl."

Hospital also stars Kimberly Kane, Zak Sabbath, Caroline Pierce, and Marie McCray, the lovely VCX discovery who made her hardcore debut as the lead in director Roy Karch's Angel Face.

"Everyone was blown away by her," Profane said. "She's so gorgeous. Marie plays one of the facets of Mandy's multiple personality. She does a super-hot boy/girl scene."

Profane started shooting adult videos independently in 2004, taking his nom de porn from the protagonist of Thomas Pynchon's V. While shooting his arty hardcore series Psycho Candy, he found a kindred spirit in future Vivid-Alt head Eon McKai.

"At the time, it wasn't called alt-porn yet," said Profane. "Eon and I were two of the only directors doing porn with that sensibility, aiming for the subculture of punk and goth girls."

When McKai began shooting movies for VCA, he helped set Profane up to direct his movie Barbed Wire Kiss. Profane's other movies include Stagger Lee, eventually released in re-cut form as Bullets and Burlesque on Adam & Eve's Independent Adult Cinema label. But Profane says Vivid-Alt is the first label to give him full creative control. Hospital may be his best work to date.

"Benny's a really talented director and one of the true good guys," McKai told AVN. "We've wanted to do a Vivid-Alt movie with him all along, and we're really happy with the results."

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