Severe Sex Films' 'Bella Bathory: Sadistic In Pink' Streeting Now

LOS ANGELES—What with star showcases rapidly gaining in popularity among adult fans, Dee Severe, owner of Severe Sex Films, is  officially introducing a new fetish-based series, Fetish Star Showcase, with the release of its first official volume, Bella Bathory: Sadistic in Pink. The DVD is distributed by Exile.

"The first Fetish Star Showcase was actually Cybill Troy is Vicious, which just received the 2018 AVN Award for Best BDSM Movie and was one of our top sellers," explained Severe Sex co-owner and director Dee Severe. "So we are continuing on this path. Every studio has star showcases, but I don't think anyone else has ever focused on fetish performers, and there are so many out there who are fabulous, and have a substantial online following. I love that we can expose them to the DVD audience."

Bella Bathory discovered the joys of BDSM at age 17 and never looked back, bringing a true kinkster's authenticity to her scenes. Her trademark pink toys and outfits stem from her stint at a dungeon where she was told only black and red were appropriate colors for a pro Dominatrix. Bathory then defiantly started to collect pink items.

"Sadistic In Pink was a great way to visualize my most important philosophy about BDSM," she notes. "It's supposed to be fun! I wear pink lingerie, have the most feminine of toys, and I play as hard as the most severe Dommes in the business. It doesn't matter if you don't fit the traditional aesthetic of what a dominant 'should' be. As long as you are having a blast in a risk-aware consensual scene, you are doing it right!"

Bathory's showcase features the blonde beauty displaying her prodigious BDSM skills on submissives Siouxie Q., Lena Starr, Hannah Hunt, D.Arclyte, Marcelo, Tony Orlando and Fluffy. The three-hour DVD includes whipping, CBT, pegging, candle wax play, paddling, flogging and more. Alexandra Sadista makes a special appearance, joining Bathory to torment D.Arclyte, who's trapped in a hanging head cage.

Bella Bathory: Sadistic in Pink also includes an interview with Bathory, BTS and bloopers, and a photo gallery. The DVD was released on January 29.

"The general public frequently views the fetish world as a cold, dark place, full of whips and chains and shiny black leather and latex," noted Severe Sex co-owner and producer Jimmy Broadway. "While we certainly showed that side with Cybill Troy is Vicious, here with Bella Bathory: Sadistic in Pink, we show a different approach, that fetish can have a light and playful side, while still being brutal and sadistic."

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