Seth Gamble Launches LucidFlix

LOS ANGELES—Seth Gamble wants his new production brand LucidFlix to be “a place where creatives can come together.”

“That’s the foundation of the site,” he says. “We’re being really collaborative with each talent and making sure we are cultivating something they can be excited to be in.

“My goal is for everyone to be paid well and treated well.”

The reigning AVN Male Performer of the Year and four-time Best Actor from Florida says his new streaming experience—which officially launches today at—is inspired by his love for cinema and passion for hardcore.

“I took a few of the popular genres of our time, things that I’ve always enjoyed doing, and put my take and visual on it along with my other creatives,” says Gamble, who is focused on turning LucidFlix into the adult industry equivalent of Max. 

“That’s the best streaming network I can say would compare to what I’m trying to do. I’m just using porn tropes that I’ve always found hot. I tend to do movies that I think are cool and I think it’s translated for people.”

Now also an established producer, director and writer for Gamma Films Group, Gamble tells AVN he loves the process of moviemaking as much as he enjoys performing.

“Not only am I a performer and director and a fan of the history of porn, I’m also a fan of the art of it, of what we do—what we’re creating as a whole,” Gamble continues.

“The content end of the industry is very oversaturated. I feel that what we need to do is put a lot of effort into the product and how it’s created but also cultivate things the talent wants to be a part of.

“I want to build a brand and a place where girls feel beautiful and where every little detail of the girl is taken care of.”

Gamble tells AVN there already is an all-star team behind him. For starters, he is working closely with the talented Siren Obscura and Jeffrey John Hart, who also are his partners in LucidFlix—a site powered by heavyweight web network YourPaysitePartner.


The 2024 AVN Awards nominee for Outstanding Directing - Individual Work is introducing three categories of content during the LucidFlix rollout—cinemacore, where Gamble will blend high-end, cinematic elements with gonzo-style sex; V-POV, which entails a voyeuristic style of videography combined with first-person, point-of-view angles; and what Seth calls Lucid Shorts—his original name for short-form, narrative scenes also known as featurettes.

Siren Obscura, the seasoned photographer, creative director and cinematographer whose resume includes three AVN magazine covers in 2023, co-directed LucidFlix’s first cinemacore release—which Gamble titled Obscura—along with him.

Episode 1 features Kazumi in “3033”; Episode 2 is Kendra Sunderland in “Nightshade”; the third episode showcases Tru Kait in “Rapture”; and Episode 4 of Obscura captures Ivy Wolfe in “Void.”

“It’s a pretty nice cast,” Gamble says. “I saw the work Siren had been doing with Full Send. She’s incredible and we clicked together really well.”

Meanwhile, the accomplished Hart is the director of photography on LucidFlix’s narrative productions, coming into the project with more than 14 years of experience directing, shooting and editing. He received two nominations for the 2024 AVN Awards—Best Cinematography and Best Screenplay - Featurette for Holly Randall Productions’ “Hopeless.”

“I have two amazing cinematographers,” Gamble says. “Both are also partners with me. I added them on as partners because they’re integral parts of it. The time we’re putting into the content is just beyond my expectations.”


Gamble reveals he had wanted to create his own studio brand for the past year-and-a-half—it was never a matter of if, only when.

“I didn’t know what it was going to be yet,” he recalls. “I like to say there are only a certain amount of elements on the periodic table, I’m just using the chemicals differently.”

A Gamma contract performer/director since 2021, Gamble lauded the Montreal-based company for its support of his new endeavor, reiterating that he’ll still be doing big things for the company's legacy studio Wicked Pictures.

“They are allowing me to do this and they’ve been nothing but supportive during this whole process,” he says.

Gamble notes there will be subtle differences between the kind of cinemacore he creates for Wicked and what he is doing for LucidFlix.

“It’s never going to be, oh that’s the same shit,” he assures.


On the heels of a career-defining year in 2022, Gamble demonstrated his versatility again in 2023, entering the awards season with 27 nominations for the 41st annual AVN Awards ceremony on January 27 in Las Vegas, achieving a personal best as he embarks on his 18th year in adult entertainment.

“This will be my 15th AVN, I didn’t go when I lived in Florida,” Gamble says. “It’s been a fun ride so far.”

Today’s launch also includes the debut episode of Ultimacy—the first V-POV series from LucidFlix. Titled “The Pier,” the scene features Chanel Camryn, a 2024 nominee for AVN Best New Starlet. The second episode of Ultimacy stars AVN Female Performer of the Year nominee Anna Claire Clouds, while upcoming installments will feature Blake Blossom and Ryan Reid.

Gamble says V-POV was inspired by his admiration for one of the industry’s all-time greats—the late AVN Hall of Fame producer/director, John Leslie, whose iconic series The Voyeur is his personal favorite.

“I’m never going to be John Leslie, but it’s kind of a nod to him, creating a line that has that voyeuristic feel,” Seth explains. “It’s a metaphorical thing for me. I feel I’m giving that nod to someone that I looked up to.”


He also points to his mentor Axel Braun, Michael Ninn, Andrew Blake and Bree Mills as influences.

Gamble tells AVN that Mills, who is the chief creative officer for Gamma’s Adult Time, helped him refine the idea for V-POV.

“We were sitting down at a lunch and she was showing me some clips and inspired me to have a format of how I wanted to do this,” he says, noting that the sex in the V-POV series is shot in the same fashion as his cinemacore offerings—with one camera.

“It’s always been my favorite,” Seth says. “It feels like you’re more engrossed in the sex scene but the look doesn’t change. It’s a cinematic look.”

Gamble describes the one-camera gonzo style of shooting sex like “a dance” between the talent and videographer—something he began learning 18 years ago from performing greats like Mark Davis.

“You get the best looks and the best angles and you stay in chemistry and keep that energy with the scenes,” Seth professes, adding that the 20-minute scenes include three minutes of each POV position.

“It’s a lot more challenging pulling it off with cinema lenses.”


Gamble, who will soon reach 2,500 scenes in his career, says for the LucidFlix launch he is the sole male performer but that he’s looking forward to hiring other top male talent going forward.

“I want to get the most extreme and best chemistry I can get,” he says. “I want to keep a safe, healthy environment. Consent and safety are the main priority—and the quality of the content.”

LucidFlix will add new scene updates every week. Gamble teased the first Lucid Shorts release, Sinematic, which will be unveiled in mid-January.

It features Kimmy Granger in an homage to Sharon Stone’s notorious scene in Basic Instinct; Gianna Dior in a scene inspired by Raging Bull; Charly Summer and Jill Kassidy in a Wild Things tribute; and Aidra Fox channeling Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

“I’ve always been a huge cinephile and these are scenes from some of my favorite films,” Gamble says. “I wouldn’t say they’re parodies, I would say inspired by.”


He also has a new site in the works that will be called VHSex with amateur-style content that is being shot “like a 90s sex tape.”

“It will have an old-school, Pamela Anderson-Tommy Lee type of vibe,” he says.

Gamble will be launching a trade program with the girls featured on VHSex, so they can cross-promote their OnlyFans.

And he tells AVN the next cinemacore title is called Enigma.

“I’m very proud of who I’m working with,” Gamble says. “I want to build a company by talent and for talent that they feel a part of. I want the crew to feel like they’re a part of what I’m doing, too. That was something that was super important to me.

“I have to give Jessica and Bree and Dom [from Gamma] thanks for giving me the opportunity to get my feet wet, and to Axel for helping me learn my craft as a director and writer—and for giving me the chance to make projects that I wanted to make and taking that risk.

“They continue to let me grow and are gracious enough to support me in this new venture. And I really appreciate that.”