Sechrest Launches

Five years after launching porn megasite,, Jason Sechrest has launched his latest web project,

The site is a blog that explores the potential for infusing spirituality into all facets of his life, even working in adult entertainment. is a far cry from Sechrest’s indulgent and often raunchy, sexually exploitive diary at, showing a side to the porn entrepreneur no one has seen until now.

Ironically, Sechrest began studying Kabbalah, the ancient wisdom born of Jewish mysticism, during the same month he began working in porn, something he sees as a sign to combine the two.

“I was 18 when I started studying it and I’m 26 now, so it’s not like I’ve bought into some fad. This is something I’ve really put a lot of my time and energy into over the years and I have found it to work for me,” he says. “That doesn’t mean it is supposed to work for everyone, but I’d like to give people who are interested in it or curious about it, the opportunity to learn more and witness how you can use it in even the most seemingly spiritually barren aspects of your life. I don’t just talk about how spirituality relates to my life in porn. I talk about how it relates to my acting career, my love life, my family, everything. Since people seem so interested in what I have to say, I feel the need to make sure what I say can make a difference, not just provide an outlet for people sexually. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. That’s important, too, but if you can give something more at the same time, why not give more?”

Sechrest, who recently started his own adult video production company, DV8 Entertainment, sees similarities between what he’s doing as a pornographer and what he’s doing at

“It’s revealing the concealed, isn’t it?” he says. “That has been a constant thread in my life since I was very young and I’m starting to realize it’s part of why I was put here. I like breaking the illusion, whittling away at something until I get it naked or get to its truth. I do that at I present who these porn stars are beyond their being objectified. I give a profile of who they are as a person and not the illusion of what you see on screen. And I do that as a pornographer for my own video company too; anytime I shoot someone taking off their clothes, I’m revealing the concealed, aren’t I? And now I’m taking it a step further in exploring the illusion that is our physical world. But there’s a tie that binds them all and I think that’s fascinating.”