Seasoned Players 6: On the Set

SYLMAR, Calif. - Tom Byron, the iconic star of over 5000 XXX titles, has just murdered a man in cold blood. He carjacks an elderly woman and mows down a group of pedestrians while attempting to flee the scene. The chaos is taking place in the fictional metropolis of Liberty City, found in Rockstar Entertainment's Grand Theft Auto 4. For the past twenty minutes, I have sat shotgun during Byron's criminal spree.   

"I'm sorry, man. There just isn't much drama on my sets," says Byron with a shrug of his shoulders. "I don't know what you're going to write about."

Shayla LaVeaux struts into the room wearing an itty-bitty bikini and high heels. With her small waist and ample bosom, she resembles every gamer's wet dream. "Well," Byron quips, "that answers that."

Seasoned Players 6 marks LaVeaux's first video performance in nearly a decade. "I never expected that I would leave porn completely," she says. "I never said the ‘retire' word. I left the door open."

LaVeaux, a former Wicked and VCA contract player, got her start in adult in 1992. She won the AVN award for Best New Starlet in 1994 and is a member of the AVN Hall of Fame. "When I first got into the business-when I was under contract-it was all about the big projects," says LaVeaux. "And, I loved the acting aspect of it-but it's nice to just come in, have sex, and go home with your money. When you're young, you're so eager and willing to do everything. I'm a little bit older now. It's like ‘been there; done that.' Let's just get me laid!"

Thirty minutes later, Byron is accommodating LaVeaux's wishes in the upstairs bedroom of his home. The chemistry between the two ignites a nasty fuck, drenched with sweat and genuine performer lust. When it's over, LaVeaux is all smiles. She coos, "I just remembered why Tommy was always on the top of my partner list."

Seasoned Players 6 is available on standard DVD and Blu-ray disc.