Sean Michaels Is at Work on 1st Volume of Autobiography

LOS ANGELES—We know it's a little hard to believe, but according to the Internet Adult Film Database, Sean Michaels, who's been in adult for more than 21 years, has performed in nearly 1,300 features, so it's not surprising that he's got a few stories to tell ... and he's about to tell some of them in the first volume of his autobiography, tentatively titled, Sean Michaels: My Industry.

Why "My Industry"?

"My entire life is a whole other book," Michaels told AVN on the set of his latest directorial effort, The Black Pack. "This is my first book. It's basically about my life within the adult industry for the past 21 years, and I'll just be relating and expanding on my experiences and some of the nuances I've learned about myself and life in general. You think you know yourself but when you start to talk about yourself, you find that you honestly don't, and after visiting 13 different foreign countries, it's been quite the trip and quite the ride but it's also just beginning because I believe there are talks in the works for Showtime or HBO to do some type of documentary with yours truly."

"Basically, this will mostly involve my travels," he continued. "That's where I learned a lot about myself, from traveling throughout the world. Growing up in New York, you think you have a handle on culture and this and that, but it's not really until you travel to another country that you get a taste of that country and begin to understand what it's all about."

Indeed; but just the fact that Michaels grew up in Brooklyn, went to Boys High "when it was still 'Boys High' and not 'Boys and Girls High'," and spent his entire childhood in the area, yet escaped with barely a trace of an accent, will come as a surprise to many—but as he said, that's for a future volume.

We asked if he could relate one of the anecdotes that he expects to include in the book, and we could almost have guessed that it would involve, at least in part, Ron Jeremy.

"Some of the stories really lend themselves to a movie," he opined. "I traveled to Italy once, my first trip to Italy, in which also Ron Jeremy and Eric Price went with me, to work for my first time with the Hungarian girls, beautiful Hungarian girls coming to Italy to work with us, but the last person due on set was Ron Jeremy, and when he did show up, it was interesting. We all know how Ron carries himself to some degree, and Ron, you know I love you, but showing up internationally in a K-mart track suit with ketchup stains on the front of it and with a K-mart shopping bag for his stuff ...

"But we went on to meet the entire national or international Italian soccer team ... and we were playing those characters, those soccer stars from the '91 World Cup on a world tour, and it was interesting because wow, here I am in Italy for the very first time, I'm playing a soccer star, and I'm working with Cicciolina, who was also a member of the Parliament over there—she was Polish, actually. That was amazing, and she was amazing. There are just so many anecdotes like that, so many over the years, and still, I believe, many to come."

And plenty of porn fans will be looking forward to hearing about all of them!

Pictured, standing, l-r: Lexington Steele, Bambi, Mr. Marcus, Callie Sweets, Jack Napier; seated, l-r: Lena Luxx, Sean Michaels