Sean Carney Out at Hustler; Al Underwood In

Al Underwood, who has done marketing for the Hustler Casino in the Los Angeles suburb of Gardena for the last five years, has been named LFP's new Director of Marketing, Advertising and Brand Management, effectively replacing Sean Carney, who has left the company.

“Apparently, I’ve done reasonably well over at the casino, and Larry {Flynt} has asked me to come aboard and accept a larger responsibility at the company,” Underwood told Wednesday.

At least in the short term, Underwood said, his primary emphasis will be on Hustler Video.

“Absolutely,” he said. “Because it’s the biggest bite and it’s very crucial to our overall growth. The content it provides also feeds other entities like Hustler online and Hustler TV.

“Larry made the decision to create a new position at the company for a director of marketing and branding for all LFP entities and that way, we can focus on areas that need specific support and then help all of them communicate well together.”

Underwood effectively replaces Carney, who had held the title of director of marketing and publicity for Hustler Video and VCA Pictures, which LFP owns, for about a year.

“Sean just felt that after being here a year, there were other opportunities he’d like to pursue,” Underwood said. “So he’ll be moving on.”

Carney was not immediately available for comment.