Se Habla Espanol at

Crazy things happen when you put a bunch of Canucks in sunny Costa Rica. Take, for instance, the former Montrealers from, who just launched a Spanish-language version of the popular dating site.

Actually, that’s not crazy at all; it’s quite brilliant. The adult dating site employs geo-IP tracking to determine a user’s locale. Those in Spanish-speaking countries get the Spanish version of the site, and those in non-Spanish-speaking countries who speak Spanish? They can just click on the Espanol link at the bottom of the page.

Spanish is just the start to IwantU’s multilingual endeavors.

“Since we’re in Costa Rica, Spanish was the easiest one to do because our team could do it in house. Next will be a French version and then German,” says IwantU’s director of special products, Keith Bussey. “I definitely think the Spanish version will help us market more to Latin America.”

The company also is keeping busy with other ventures, including a mobile product, a planned February webmaster show (the Costa Rica Bash), and plans for translating the site into 10 languages over the next few months.