Scott Fayner Talks Alleged Kristin Davis Sex Pics

LOS ANGELES – Scott Fayner, a longtime porn blogger who wrote for the site for years, struck out on his own recently with

Fayner hit paydirt this week when he posted blowjob pics of a woman alleged to be "Sex In the City" actress Kristin Davis.

As happens in this age of instant communication and weird blogger etiquette, other sites began appropriating the pictures for their own use, and some even had the decency to credit Fayner with breaking the story.

Of the recent buzz, Fayner wrote on his site, "Not sure if I want any of this. I just got a bunch of photos I didn’t think anyone would care about sent to me and I put some of them up. Now big time magazines are contacting me for interviews and TMZ ain’t giving me credit for the story. It’s like getting a big boner with no one to show it to. A total waste of time."

Well, it's better than nothing, some would say.

Fayner, at one point, had become notorious for openly professing a passion for narcotics. He claims those days are behind him. "I quit doing drugs," he told AVN. "I had a reputation for being a cokehead. It became all about that. I'd go out, and it was expected of me that I act a certain way. I'm a little older now and I've been clean for five months. I decided I should move on and represent myself as opposed to a brand name like Luke Ford."

As for the new site, it's launch was not without drama. "I started it about three and half weeks ago," said Fayner. "I got up a few stories and got hacked into. People just follow me. They hacked into my MySpace page before: 'Hi. I'm Scott. I have a small dick and I do coke.' So after that, I had to re-launch. The re-launch has just been up for about two weeks."

What some might notice when the visit Fayner's new site, is that the subject matter is not all about the adult business. Fayner noted, "It's not all about porn. At, I always tried to do other things. People would say, 'The stories about your dogs are stupid.' But now that I'm on my own, it's not all about porn."

Fayner claims that, at first, he was trying to keep things separate, but, in the end decided to go for broke and just do what felt right. "At first I was going to keep the porn stuff at and do my other stuff at," he said. "But I said, 'Fuck it.' It's great. I don't have a boss now and I can write about my dogs."

And the future is wide open.