Scarlett Alexis Named TeamSkeet's March 2024 AllStar

MIAMI—TeamSkeet announced its AllStar for March 2024 is Scarlett Alexis.

In her TeamSkeet AllStar showcase scene, “An Artist of All Things Naughty,” Alexis takes part in an interview that combines personal questions with a hot video shoot. During the discussion, Alexis dishes all about her experience in the industry, where she grew up, her hobbies, and when she experienced her sexual awakening. 

“I feel like I’ve been a sexual person from a young age,” Alexis said. “I think discovering your own bodily sensations is something that I’ve figured out very early on. Something I really like about this business is that it allows me to be sexual in a very comfortable way and I like the independence it gives me as far as the lifestyle I get to live.”

Alexis also reveals that she is a musician, a cook, and a writer, getting inspiration from all of her creative outlets to push the boundaries of porn. 

In her scene, Alexis poses and flaunts her curves for the camera. Afterward, Jay Romero joins Alexis for a hot and playful session.

Alexis is set to star in TeamSkeet’s upcoming feature movie Girl in Progress premiering March 15 exclusively for VIP members. Girl in Progress will follow the same release format as previous TeamSkeet features and be released in three parts across three of the brand’s most popular series starting March 22 on

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