Savanna Samson Talks 'God, Sex and Greed' on CNN

NEW YORK — Vivid Girl Savanna Samson is slated as a featured guest on a live, one-hour CNN special Monday night titled "God, Sex and Greed."

Invited on to help address the question of whether materialism, greed and lust have overtaken society, Samson plans to discuss her own Catholic faith, her career in the adult business, and her views on porn's role in society.

"They just want to hear my thoughts on if I think that America is too obsessed and too materialistic," Samson told AVN. "I think I've been so open in the public eye these days about so many different things — opera and wine and making money and my son and all this stuff — that I think when they have some kind of conflicting story, they think of me to come on. And also because I'm so honest and open and expose myself, no pun intended, with truth, and sometimes I leave feeling like, 'Why did I open my mouth?' But I'm not the type to hold back."

This appearance follows two recent guest spots on Fox News Channel's "Red Eye" for Samson, as well as one last week on CNBC's "On the Money." She said she expects to be grilled on the apparent contradiction between her devoted Catholicism and her career choice, something that even she feels conflicted about at times.

"Part of Catholicism is being loving and being kind, and being of service," Samson postulated, "and what I do is provide a service. Growing up Catholic, there's so much guilt even if you think about something, and finally coming to terms with your sexuality and your fantasies and realizing it's OK, you don't need to have so many hang-ups, doesn't mean you still can't follow the same rules in being a good, kind, loving person. If you have a problem with your sex life, you have a problem, because it's the most natural thing there is ... and the best way to express yourself in love." 

Samson also revealed that syndicated show "Inside Edition" is planning to shoot a piece on her during her upcoming visit to L.A., and that part of her agenda during said visit is making a new Paul Thomas-directed Devil in Miss Jones retread in which she'll be playing the devil and Belladonna will take the part of Miss Jones.

"I don't even know how to prepare for that role," Samson mused. "Forget about acting, I gotta find the biggest thing in my house to shove up my ass to compete with Bella." 

The "God, Sex and Greed" special is scheduled to air at 8 p.m. EST, and it will be promoted Monday on with promotional commentary from Savanna.

Savanna recently celebrated the release of Stood Up, her new Vivid feature starring Howard Stern Show personality Rev. Bob Levy. The movie is the first in a line of comedies under the company's Vivid Ha! label.