Savanna Samson Spends <i>59 Seconds</i> in Sexual Limbo

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Recently released Savanna Samson headliner 59 Seconds, from director B. Skow, finds the Vivid Entertainment star teetering between life and death for a suspended minute on an emergency operating table.

During that time on the mortal precipice, Samson is guided through a succession of sexual escapades involving herself and/or costars Lanny Barby, Sammie Rhodes, Tory Lane, Hillary Scott, Kimberly Franklin and Lexi Love.

"I kinda got the idea from 'Quantum Leap,'" Skow told AVN. "It's nothing like that, so you shouldn't expect that, but I got the idea from that. When she goes under, when they put the mask on her face, she sort of whips through this hallway of time, and it's just whatever she starts thinking about.

"And there's this guy that appears that's kind of like that 'Quantum Leap' guy," he continued. "He has the little thing in his hand, and he sort of helps her keep calm and figure out what's going on, so she doesn't go into a panic while she's being operated on. He's her guide — we call it the 'Cerebral Net,' the 'CN,' and he's her CN guide — and he kind of guides her into relaxing and being open and doing whatever she wants to do. So we follow her through all these things that happen, and it's interesting, because it's weird stuff, it's not just a normal fantasy vignette thing; it does have a story, all the things link together and kind of come together at the end."

Don't fret, though — it may be weird stuff, but that doesn't mean it's not hot stuff. "The sex is amazing in it," Skow said. "Savanna really went all out. She does a gangbang in it with Jay Huntington, Christian, Marco Banderas and Evan Stone. And she does a really amazing threeway, a girl/girl/girl, with Hillary Scott and Sammie Rhodes. And Lexi Love does a shave thing where she shaves down her pussy and does a solo masturbation. The shaving scene's hot, ’cause Lexi Love has the hairiest pussy, and she trims it down with scissors first, she goes through the whole thing. It's a good movie. It's a very visual movie."

Added Vivid national sales manager David Peskin, "Savanna has to be one of the three top selling girls in the industry. It can always be a roll of the dice when you triple a replication order for a title, and once again, Savanna didn't disappoint. We sold out the day 59 Seconds hit the stores."

For sales inquiries on 59 Seconds and other Vivid titles, contact David Peskin at (866) 466-6969 ext. 108 or [email protected].