Sasha Grey to Visit Brandeis University

WALTHAM, Mass. - AVN Award-winner Sasha Grey will visit Brandeis University to attend an April 30 campus screening of Steven Soderbergh's indie feature The Girlfriend Experience.

Premiering April 29 at the chic Tribeca Film Festival, The Girlfriend Experience stars Grey in the leading role of a high-paid escort. An advance poster gives the actress above-the-title billing and features the tag-line: "See it with someone you ****."

Grey will participate in a post-screening Q & A at Brandeis with "film industry analyst" and alumnus Scott Feinberg, according to the Boston Globe.

The announcement of Sasha's Brandeis visit coincides with the cancellation of a University of Maryland screening of Digital Playground's Pirates II. Administrators squashed the event after state lawmakers threatened budget cuts for any school hosting porn movies outside of a classroom environment.

Grey's recent XXX credits include the starring role in Vivid's Throat: A Cautionary Tale, directed by Paul Thomas. She arrives at Brandeis more than a quarter-century after the university welcomed Linda Marchiano, better known as Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace.

Marchiano's December 1982 appearance at Brandeis was staged in connection with campus protests over a campus screening of The Opening of Misty Beethoven. A reported 500 students showed up to hear the reformed Marchiano speak out on the evils of pornography.

Despite Marchiano's lecture and an organized protest outside the school's Usdan Student Center, Brandeis feminist groups were unable to halt the Misty Beethoven screening.

Will today's Brandeis feminists march against Sasha Grey?