Sasha Grey Strikes New Poses

LOS ANGELES - AVN Female Performer of the Year Sasha Grey is everywhere these days, from the uni-brow comedy of National Lampoon's Homo Erectus to artsy photo books, sketches and fashion catalogs.

The 20-year-old porn star posed for photographer Terry Richardson in "Wives, Wheels, Weapons," an arty photo companion to author James Frey's best-selling novel "Bright Shiny Morning." The photo book illustrates Frey's story, with Sasha portraying one of the main characters.

Frey is the controversial author of "A Million Little Pieces," an autobiographical memoir of drug addiction that sold millions of copies on the strength of a high-profile recommendation from Oprah Winfrey. The book was later exposed as a fraud.

"Terry approached me to model for 'Wives, Wheels, Weapons,' and at the time I didn't know it would be a companion piece to James Frey's new novel," Sasha told AVN. "I've shot for Terry six or seven times now. It was cool to be able to collaborate with him; he's controversial himself. We emulated the cover of an Ice-T album from years ago, where I'm holding a shotgun...that was the one I liked the best."

Renowned illustrator James Jean chose Sasha as the subject for series of sketches called "Sasha's Stripes." Jean's work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Playboy, Prada and Time; he's also a prolific contributor to DC Comics. "Sasha's Stripes" can be seen on Jean's website and will appear in his upcoming book "Process Recess Vol. 3."

More sketches of Sasha can be seen at the Fette Gallery in Culver City in a showcase for Frédéric Magazine, running through Aug. 23.

"Artist Frédéric Poincelet has sketched me a few times, and has also had a two-page series printed in the popular Liberation magazine in France," Sasha said. "I think it's brilliant that Frédéric has used me as inspiration on multiple occasions, and now his work can be seen worldwide-  it's a beautiful thing."

On the opposite end of the cultural spectrum, Sasha grabbed some screen time National Lampoon's Homo Erectus as one of several porn star extras. She is featured in a photo gallery from the movie on Maxim magazine's website.

"I was the only porn star from the movie in the online gallery," she said. "In the film, they cut together a montage of David Carradine clubbing women, and I ended up as one of them. I'm also at the tail-end of the movie where the girls are bathing [writer/director/star] Adam Rifkin and I'm dancing on a rock."

Sasha has also wrapped a leading role in the Canadian indie horror flick Smash Cut as a TV news reporter investigating gory murders. Due for release next year on the festival circuit, the movie features some big names from the world of cult cinema: Blood Feast director Herschell Gordon Lewis, Last House on the Left villain David Hess, Michael Berryman of The Hills Have Eyes and Ray Sager (best known as Montag in Lewis' 1969 sickie The Wizard of Gore.)

"When I met the director [Lee Demarbre], he said 'my Godard is Herschell Gordon Lewis - they are quite different, but that's my hero,'" Sasha said. "Prior to shooting, I soaked up a lot of his movies, and it re-ignited my love for genre films. Herschell is so witty and charming - I got to do a scene with him in the film. He plays my boss at the news station."

Asked why she thinks she is getting all of this attention, Sasha told AVN, "I think it's because of my interest in film, music, literature and the art world in general. I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to those things. Fans relate to that because it humanizes me, as opposed to just being a porn star who intimidates everyone they approach. They get a different sense, a different vibe from me." 

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