Sasha Grey Set to Open LA Factory Girls Agency

LOS ANGELES - Sasha Grey, AVN's 2008 Female Performer of the Year, has announced that she will open LA Factory Girls, an agency representing female adult industry performers, later this month.

Of her decision to launch her agency Grey said, "I thought it was time to start representing myself on my own. And I thought what better way than to start an agency. I want to build a foundation. There are a lot of performers in this business who represent themselves and don't have an agent, but it's kind of hard to find them. This agency can be a platform for representation and people will still know me and how to find me and book me."

Grey said she will be the agency's first model with others to come later.

"It's a lot of work starting an agency," said Grey. "That's why I'm starting out just representing myself. We'll see how it works out and then in the next few months, bring in a couple of girls. But, in the beginning, it'll just be myself at the agency."

As to the agency's name, Grey noted, "There's a Warhol reference and there's also a Factory Records reference. I can't help myself with my love for music and art. I started getting into it before I was 15."

In addition to the agency, Grey is scheduled to launch a new website as well. "I will be launching my website, hopefully, next week," said the starlet. "I wanted to get it up last Wednesday but that didn't happen."

Of the new site, Grey noted, "I'm doing the website all by myself, but I've hired a web designer to actually put everything together. But creatively and sexually, everything is coming from my perverted mind. I'm very excited about it. I've put a lot of hard work into it. It'll be at"

"It's definitely a multimedia site," Grey continued. "There's obviously going to be hardcore porn, but not all of the photos will be porn. Some of it will be fine art. Maybe some of it will be landscapes. And people can keep up with me, where I'm going to be, appearances, et cetera. There will be the same things are on other websites except that these are meticulously planned out and for the hardcore porn videos, there will be two sections.

One's going to be sort of choose your own adventure and the other will be more like a homemade hardcore type of thing where I just want to fuck somebody. There will be something for everybody."

The LA Factory Girls office will be open starting March 18th. Agents can be reached through the office at (213) 489-7635 or (213) 880-5795. For booking e-mail [email protected]