Sasha Grey is Viola DeWynter in ‘Saints Row: The Third'

LOS ANGELES—A veteran of motion pictures, television, photo art books and music videos, former adult performer Sasha Grey has now signed on to conquer video games. The multitalented crossover star is going into the studio for the third installment of THQ's Saints Row, appropriately titled Saint Row: The Third.

Grey “takes on the role of Viola DeWynter, who along with her twin sister Kiki, are the masterminds of the Syndicate's financial empire,” reported

Grey’s voice will share the screen with some other heavyweights, including professional wrestler Hulk Hogan, as Angel De LaMuerte, also a legendary wrestler. Betrayed by his former tag-team partner Killbane, now the merciless leader of the Lucadores street gang, Angel teams up with the Saints to take over Steelport, and exact his own brand of violent revenge.

Actor Daniel Dae Kim, who has appeared in Lost and Hawaii Five-O, will known to Saints Row fans everywhere will reprise his role as the voice of Johnny Gat in The Third.

Saints Row: The Third, which streets in November, can be pre-ordered from the publisher here.