Sasha Grey is a Rolling Stone

NEW YORKRolling Stone’s love affair with AVN award-winning performer Sasha Grey continues to flourish in its May issue. The six-page spread includes exclusive photos of the starlet and what could arguably be her most compelling interview to date.

Written by Vanessa Grigoriadis, the article describes Grey as an “elderly anarchist” and provides the self-anointed “new breed” a far-reaching platform for her self empowering, fuck-the-norm message. “I want to tell young women that sex is OK,” she tells the magazine. “It’s OK to be a slut. You don’t have to be ashamed. People think that young women can’t understand sex, that there will be consequences for our actions, but we can be as analytical as anyone.”

While the cynical may never see the upswing to gargling Rod Fontana’s nuts, Grey’s thoughtful and impassioned arguments lead Grigoriadis to note that, “Grey’s frankness is appealing, and though she says it a bit too loudly, she has convinced me that she is not a victim.”

Grey, who this month stars in Oscar winner Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience, is not only poised for a mainstream crossover, she’s deftly groomed herself into the thinking-man’s Jenna Jameson, allowing for an opportunity to surpass zombie-stripper roles.

That is if she can find a decent Hollywood agent.

Grigoriadis writes, “Even with her star turn in the Soderbergh movie, she hasn’t been able to land a good Hollywood agent, because they’re worried their clients wouldn’t want to be on a list with a porn star.”

It makes for a curious situation; one that would suggest Grey’s departure from porn to be imminent (not that she’s voiced such a notion … yet). Porn insiders, however, may already note an undercurrent of disdain for their industry in some of Grey’s passages.

“In the adult business, you’re forced to grow up and work for yourself, or somebody else will work you and you’ll be done,” Grey states. “There are maybe four people in the industry that I hang out with, because they’re interesting people and not coked up.”

Will Grey’s candor make porn folks chuckle or cringe?

“As far as I’m concerned, Suicide Girl types with black hair and tattoos are the new blondes with bolt-on tits,” she tells Grigoriadis. “Those women look the same, and they’re idiots.”  

Those behind-the-scenes aren’t beyond ribbing either. “No one in porn knows how to do makeup right. The only thing they know how to do is make my face orange,” she quips. “I’d rather do it myself. I’d rather have it be my fault.”

Of course, Grey could have been misquoted by Grigoriadis. As the story notes, Grey is suspicious of the media and adheres to Godard’s belief that “Every edit is a lie.”

Regardless, the story is a good read for both industry players and fans alike. Along with a brief glimpse into Grey’s family background, Grigoriadis provides an endearing snapshot of Grey’s romantic relationship with indie filmmaker Ian Cinnamon.

Grigoriadis even gets Grey to share some humorous childhood memories. “Kids would joke about anal sex, and I would think about how it was really done,” she says. “I asked my mom if she ever thought about it, even a finger, and she would just say it was gross and laugh.”

The May issue of Rolling Stone, featuring Sasha Grey, is available now. Grey previously appeared in the magazine’s 2008 Hot List.

Sasha Grey can also be seen on the cover and in the pages of AVN magazine this month. She goes toe-to-toe with AVN nihilist David Sullivan.

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