Sasha Grey: 'I Am the New Breed'

LOS ANGELES - Sasha Grey doesn't take abuse lying down; she takes it in many positions. The feisty Female Performer of the Year trophy winner also doesn't take shit from sheltered college sweeties, and she has fired back at a student sex columnist who described Grey's gonzo antics as "disturbingly forced".

"Young Sasha's got some issues," UC Santa Barbara student Jenni Perez wrote in a January column for the Daily Nexus. "Watching a faceless older man take his 10-incher out of her anus and shove it down her throat, inducing tears and bile, somehow the words 'Put it down my throat, I love to taste my ass!' seem more like a 6-year-old repeating her parents' swear words than a genuine cry of desire."

The Perez polemic used Grey's frequent ATM transactions as a springboard to that most dreaded of topics: the feigned orgasm.

"What disturbed me the most was my strange empathy for Sasha - as if I had been in her shoes," Perez wrote. "And although at 18, ass-to-mouth deep throating was as foreign to me as 'The Iraq' is to Miss Teen South Carolina, I was in her shoes. Once upon a time, I, too, went through the motions and blindly recited my lines. I was a serial orgasm-faker."

While the Lifetime Channel options this title for a future miniseries, Sasha herself seized the opportunity to self-promote... er, clarify the issue:

"Sex on camera is performance," Sasha wrote. "While I enjoy the same pleasures at home, I'm not attempting to 'keep the train moving' in a sex scene. I am there for myself and for my audience...not to stroke the egos of my male counterparts. At home, I am there strictly for my partner and myself.

"I am neither ashamed or reluctant to admit what I do is performance art; I have also expressed that at times I come prepared with dialogue. This resonates two of my primary objectives in the adult business [...] one: challenge the idea of what women are supposed to like or be like in bed, and two: most of the porn I used to watch was boring and I wanted to make it more fulfilling for myself and viewers. These statements were made in order to challenge the one-dimensional, romanticized, Hollywood-idealized perception of "couples-friendly sex".

"Aside from my objective, I also enjoy many facets of sex that most people can’t fathom.

"I fetishize psychological play; I enjoy perverse "disgusting dirty talk" and improvisational fantasy of such acts. This also allows me another area of exploration in a business where many men are jaded by the sex they are having. It gives me the opportunity to push them for an honest reaction, an animalistic response if you will, that you don’t see in many adult films.

"Entertainment often makes satirical references to dirty talk, and as we all know, satire/comedy is derived from real-life experience. People enjoy it, but are afraid to talk about it without making a joke, as with most sexual exploits. As human beings we often make fun of what we don’t understand; personally, I refuse to live a fear-based life. Like insensitive gay jokes of bygone and present generations, BDSM and rough sex are the new black.

"I am a very sexually healthy young woman and I take pride in the liberation of female sexuality. I have a cause, I am determined, and I am a hard worker (pun intended). As a sex symbol with an intellectual stance, I am and will continue to be vilified, and I am okay with that. In fact, I am content; it gives me the opportunity to shed light on the darker areas of sex and validate the insecurities of sexually repressed women. The days of victimized, disturbed porn stars (and civilian women) are fading away… I am the new breed."

Sort of like the Andromeda Strain? 

Join the new breed on Saturday, March 14, as Sasha celebrates her 21st birthday at the Venetian Hotel's TAO nightclub.

Rumor has it that Jenni Perez is on the VIP guest list - but only if she arrives with Jake Malone.