Sasha Grey Horror Film 'Smash Cut' Gets Lone L.A. Screening Tonight

LOS ANGELES—Sasha Grey's other mainstream motion picture vehicle of '09, the gorefest Smash Cut from director Lee Gordon Demarbre, receives a midnight showing tonight at L.A. revival house the New Beverly Cinema.

Presented as part of the New Beverly's ongoing Grindhouse Film Fest, this is the only big screen exhibition Smash Cut will receive in the L.A. area. The film also stars horror legends Herschell Gordon Lewis and David Hess, the latter of whom will be on hand along with Demarbre and Grey at the screening.

"If you're a fan of anything gore then you must know Herchell Gordon Lewis' films, and you'll love Lee Demarbre's love letter to [Lewis]," Grey told AVN. "It'll be great to celebrate the L.A. premiere at midnight in true horror fashion!"

The film actually rolls at 11:55 pm. The New Beverly Cinema is located at 7165 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, 90036. Admission is $8.00. For more information, visit