Sasha Grey, Dave Navarro Talk Twitter with ABC News

NEW YORK - ABC News quoted Sasha Grey and Dave Navarro today in an article about the popularity of Twitter.

"Twitter is my way of keeping up to date with my fans. I can respond to Twitter much quicker than if I was using MySpace," Sasha told ABC. "We live in a sound bite day and age, and [Twitter] is quite fitting." 

Navarro also endorsed Twitter as a convenient platform of communication.

"It's a way to bypass all the bullshit," said Navarro, who directed Sasha in the Teravision release Broken. "It's great to have an immediate way to respond to something that's happening that isn't some lofty blog entry. There are arguments that Twittering is just like screaming into an empty vacuum, but the reality is that the people who are following you want to hear what you have to say." 

According to the article, Navarro used Twitter to help a fan decide on the best way to battle Vicodin withdrawal. (Answer: Season 1 of "Flight of the Conchords".)

The article also quotes comedian Margaret Cho, who's co-hosting the GAYVN Awards this weekend.

"[Twitter is] really proving that the ADD of society has gone so far that we can't even pay attention to blogs anymore," said Cho. "I Twitter about gross stuff like bowel movements, the state of my intestines. It's a very dramatic opera, me and my intestines," she said. "I have no boundaries. I have no need to censor my twitters. I don't feel weird having everyone know I have diarrhea."

ABC cites Lance Armstrong, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, P. Diddy, Martha Stewart, John Mayer, Ellen Degeneres, Kathy Griffin, Jimmy Fallon and Perez Hilton among the Hollywood "Twitterati."

Digital Playground girl Stoya is amojng the adult world's most prolific proponents of the platform. In January, she polled her Twittering fans to decide which dress to wear to the 2009 AVN Awards.

But you won't catch irascible Southern Bukakke overlord Mike South all a-Twitter.

"Maybe it shouldn't surprise that the generation that would rather spend 10 minutes texting what could be said in about 30 seconds would find this appealing," AVN Award winner South wrote in a rant about porn star Twitter feeds. "But who must you think you think you are to believe that anyone would find it interesting that you are going to Best Buy when you get to wherever your home is? Are you going to do a gang bang in the small appliances section?"

South says he'll "stick to blogging."