Sarah Sasner Joins Pulse

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Veteran industry saleswoman Sarah Sasner has been brought on as the sales rep for Red Light District offshoots Amateur District and The Candy Shop at Pulse Distribution.

"I'm just really excited, because I know that it's a really, really good company, and I feel it's the new, fresh blood of the industry," Sasner told AVN. "I'm really excited to be a part of it."


Ali, general manager for Amateur District and Candy Shop, told AVN that he brought Sasner aboard because of her strong relationships.

"As everybody knows it’s hard to come by a good salesperson in this industry. That being said, I think we made a great choice with her," he said. "I did my homework as far as calling the big distributors and she checked out. Honestly in this day and age, it’s not really that you’re a good salesperson, it’s the relationships you have. She’s got good relationships with everyone. She's the only person I'm bringing on so the sky's the limit for her."

Added Pulse co-owner Mark Hamilton, "We're delighted to have Sarah at Pulse. She comes with a great reputation with our customers, which, together with her enthusiasm, is a valuable asset to have in a salesperson in today's marketplace."

Amateur District, with 64 titles in its library, is the imprint for Red Light District's amateur and pro-am fare, and The Candy Shop specializes in black and interracial titles with 20 titles currently in distribution.

Sasner previously worked in sales for Heatwave Video and Metro Interactive. She began at Pulse today, and can be reached at (818) 435-1600.