‘Sanatorium’ Features Impressive Original Score

LOS ANGELES—Psychological thriller and Tabitha Stevens vehicle Sanatorium isn’t your typical adult movie. Lush cinematography shot in high definition and 35mm, an all-star cast, a compelling script and numerous locations, the movie also boasts a completely original score written by two music-biz heavyweights.

Tapping into her mainstream connections, Stevens brought Teddy Andreadis and Kiochi Fukuda on board to contribute to the musical arrangement.

Piano/harmonica player Andreadis is a former member of Guns N’ Roses who appeared on the band’s Use Your Illusion and The Spaghetti Incident? albums. He’s also worked with Carole King, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and Alice Cooper, among many others.

Guitarist, programmer and keyboardist for the industrial metal band Static-X, Fukuda appears on the band’s debut album, Wisconsin Death Trip, which went platinum with more than 3 million copies sold in 2001. He left the band before their second album, but re-joined in 2005.

Below is a transcript of a Q & A Zero Tolerance conducted with the two musicians.

ZERO TOLERANCE: What was it like scoring tracks for Sanatorium?

TEDDY ANDREADIS: It was a very interesting yet very enjoyable project. I really love the movie and found myself really exploring sounds and textures that would really lend itself to the film.
KIOCHI FUKUDA: I always enjoy working on music for films/visuals; the music/sound effects can make whatever the emotions that are intended to be expressed in a piece come alive.

ZT: Were you watching the film while you were scoring the soundtrack to get an idea of how dark the music needed to be?

ANDREADIS: Yes. I found myself coming up with two and three alternative parts for each scene.
FUKUDA: Yes, I always watch the film when I'm working on the soundtrack so I can understand and feel the mood for each scene; the music is inspired by the visuals and the stories.

ZT: Please list the bands that you have performed in the studio as well as live.

ANDREADIS: OK, here goes. Guns N’ Roses, Alice Cooper, Roger Daltrey, Beth Hart, Billy Bob Thornton, Bruce Willis, Carole King, Gilby Clarke, Slash, Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad,) Glen Hughes, L.A. Gunns, Big Noize, Slash’s Bluz Ball, Steve Vai, Steve Lukather, Ace Frehley, Boxing Gandhis touring with the Dave Matthews Band, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer, Simon Kirk, Alan White and Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp Band MD.
FUKUDA: Static-X, OTEP, KMFDM, Drugstore Fanatics, Mephisto Odyssey and Revolve.

ZT: Do you feel that it is important that even a high budget adult film should have a unique and original soundtrack? Why?

ANDREADIS: Because it is a film, period! Music plays a huge part in any film. I think the more unique the music, the more interesting the film.
FUKUDA: It depends whether it is purposeful. There are so many videos/films of all quality and budget levels being made by all kinds of people with all levels of skills. If anybody intends to produce something that stands out among them and especially if the focus is on the art direction it is highly effective to have a unique and original soundtrack.

ZT: What was it like working with porn star Tabitha Stevens and writer/producer/director Gary Orona? Was your experience with them professional?

ANDREADIS: Tab and Gary are truly a joy to work with. They both love what they do and it comes across in the work. I hope I can have the opportunity to work with them again soon. They both allowed me a little freedom to create what I thought would fit. And of course, when it didn’t work we changed it. Really a great experience!
FUKUDA: It was a pleasure to work with them. They are not only very professional, but have the passion for what they do.

ZT: Do you think that there will be more original soundtracks being made for adult films? Do you think that Tabitha and Gary have helped open the door for other adult companies to have creative and original soundtracks made?

ANDREADIS: Yes, of course. There are a lot of very talented music people out there who would love the opportunity to create something original. Myself, I’m always more interested in a film when the music is unique to the film. It always keeps my attention and makes me stay to read the credits. I know a lot of films have small budgets and choose canned music over live recorded stuff, but I think that if more companies used original compositions there would be a treasure chest of stuff to pick from. Just gotta find it!
FUKUDA: I don't have much knowledge as to how 'adult companies' decide what to produce, but hopefully this film will inspire others to think outside of the box.

Sanatorium also features music from Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens and Static-X bassist Tony Campos. 

Produced by Orona Stevens Productions and distributed by Zero Tolerance, Sanatorium is in stores now.

For sales, contact ZT’s Tony Santoro at (818) 700-1872, or email [email protected].